River City Girls Goes Mobile With Crunchyroll Game Vault

Knuckle up for in-your-face beat-'em-up action, any time, any place, with the mobile version of River City Girls! Along with the fighting game experts at Arc System Works, we are thrilled to announce that the jaw-jacking open-world brawler is now available to play on iOS via the App Store and Android devices via Google Play as part of Crunchyroll Game Vault, a new added-value mobile game service included at no extra charge with Crunchyroll Premium Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan memberships. River City Girls is among five initial offerings for the service, which launched on November 7, 2023. Check out the trailer here!

Just like the console and PC versions of River City Girls, this bone-busting brawler lets you take control of hot-blooded heroines Misako and Kyoko as they fight their way across River City to rescue their boyfriends, series mainstays Kunio and Riki. While battling through six sprawling areas, you'll master a variety of fighting techniques, overcome countless enemies and bosses, shop for power-ups and accessories, wield numerous weapons, complete side quests, interact with quirky NPCs, level up with experience points, and recruit defeated foes to aid you in battle.

Exclusive to the mobile version of River City Girls is a new shopkeeper — Crunchyroll mascot Crunchyroll-Hime — and the option to play using a Bluetooth controller or via a new touch-screen-based interface. A second player can join in on the action as well (Bluetooth controller required).

Cutting no corners from the River City Girls experience, the game also features detailed pixel-art visuals, gorgeous animated cutscenes, motion-comic intermissions, spectacular voiceovers by an all-star cast (including Kayli Mills as Misako and Kira Buckland as Kyoko), and an award-winning synth-pop soundtrack headlined by the acclaimed Megan McDuffee.

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