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  • Vitamin Connection is available today exclusively on Switch! Go solo or team up with a friend as you join Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl on an inner-body journey to obliterate evil bacteria and save the Sable family...and maybe the world! See more at http://bit.ly/VitaCon_eShop
  • If you're feeling connected to a special someone, let 'em know with these Vitamin Connection-inspired Valentine's Day cards! On the other hand, if it's more fizzle than sizzle, you can share that too! The choice is yours!
  • Happy holidays from all of us at WayForward! May you have a wonderful season filled with fun, festivities, and friends both new and old!
  • Calling all anime fans! The preview screening of WEATHERING WITH YOU, from Makoto Shinkai and the creators of #YourName, hits theaters Jan. 15 & 16, and you can catch the River City Girls game trailer before the show! Get tickets at https://gkidstickets.com/us/weathering-with-you/?campaign=wayforward
  • Happy birthday, Officer Wagon! The original Mighty Switch Force! launched on Nintendo 3DS eight years ago today, and our favorite cybernetic peacekeeper has been fighting crime, battling blazes, and "rescuing" babies ever since!
  • Happy anniversary to Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which launched this day in 2016! Huge thanks to everyone who supported Shantae on her HD dance through the danger - we couldn't have done it without you!


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