Bimmy and Jammy DLC Announced for River City Girls 2!

Because you demanded it, the true Double Dragons are headed to River City!

Get ready for a double dose of action! We are excited to announce that, due to popular demand, Bimmy and Jammy of the Double Dragon series are headed out of the lab and into River City as playable DLC characters in River City Girls 2! Fans have been talking about these hulking hunks ever since they appeared in Double Dragon Neon, and soon they will be available in River City Girls 2 across all platforms for which the game currently exists, including Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC via Steam.

"Ever since the Double Dragon and Kunio-kun universes collided in the first River City Girls, fans have been demanding more Double Dragon content," enthuses WayForward Tyrannical Overlord Voldi Way. "We brought in Marian as a playable character, Billy and Jimmy as dojo masters, and Abobo as a boss, but what we keep hearing is 'Where's Bimmy? What about Bimmy?' With this DLC, we can finally deliver."

Both Bimmy and Jammy will be fully featured playable characters with unique melee attacks, throws, and special moves, including their trademark "ME BIMMY SMASH!" and the "Jammy Slammy." The characters will also be thoroughly integrated into the game's story mode (although, let's be real, Bimmy and Jammy prolly never went to high school) and will feature newly recorded VO (well, grunts, anyway) by Scott Wolf and Mark Dacascos.

Look for the River City Girls 2 new Bimmy and Jammy DLC this April! Fools beware!

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