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  • #SHGH #Kickstarter Update 67! Transformation winner announced & new concept art! #Shantae http://bit.ly/SHGHKS67
  • If you don't have plans this weekend might we suggest #PiratesCurse? On #sale now on the NA #Nintendo #3DS #eShop!
  • #PiratesCurse is on #Sale now! 25% off until the 22nd on the North American #Nintendo #3DS eShop!
  • #PiratesCurse comes out tomorrow on the North American #WiiU eShop! #HappyHolidays #BestPresentEver #MerryChristmas
  • We love getting #Shantae  #Fanart!! Thanks so much!  Artist: 3D_Tetra
Twitter: @Chibiusa010
Age: 13
  • #SteamSale #RiskysRevengeDC If you've added us to your #WishList now is the time! http://t.co/FNIKyN07WL


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