Howdy folks!

We realize we’ve been hitting you up with a hefty number of updates recently… but here’s one more you’ll need to hear about! Over the weekend we reached ANOTHER STRETCH GOAL!


We had a pretty good feeling this might happen, but we honestly had no idea it would reach the top so quickly. That’s $900,000.00 you’ve collectively pledged to not only make the game, but to keep making it even more amazing! When we hit the initial goal of $400K, we were out of our minds with excitement. Today we’ve more than doubled that goal! And other than just feeling totally S-W-A-N-K about it, the even better news is that we’ve got 3 more characters to add to the adventure:

Hero Mode More Images

This means that Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops, friends of Shantae who have appeared in every title, will be fully playable heroes. Each character will embark on the adventure for reasons all their own, and will play differently from one another. Including Risky Boots there are now 5 storylines to play, and a total of 10 modes. The replay value of Half-Genie Hero just went through the roof!!

With this being the FIFTH successful Stretch Goal, it’s practically tradition to inform you of the next one on the horizon.

banner_DishServed Chapter

Should we reach the lofty goal of ONE MILLION dollars (phew!) we’ll be able to add another chapter to the game. Let’s talk briefly about that…A DISH SERVED COLD: Spoiler Alert!

The storyline for Shantae: Risky’s Revenge takes a bit of a twist at the end… Some wayward wishing occurs…we don’t want to spoil it for you. But if there’s someone Shantae would rather not have to face again, it’s NEGA-SHANTAE. As her name implies, NEGA is the polar opposite of Shantae, although she dances equally well. Our next Stretch Goal would add a new Chapter to the game which features this villain as both main attraction and BOSS, as well as a new TRANSFORMATION for Shantae…hopefully something that can counteract the evil doppelganger. Beyond this new Stretch Goal lies FULL VOICE ACTING! We’ll dig into that one later, should the opportunity present itself. For now, give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back! And THANK YOU from everyone here at WayForward!