Greetings Backers!

We have another update for you regarding Wii U Backer Codes. We’ve been sending a lot of Updates lately, so we’ll keep this short and to the point!

Wii U North America Codes are here!

Codes for Wii U North America have gone out! Hooray! You should all see an email from Backerkit! If you’re having trouble finding your code, please see Update #94 for further instructions!

Wii U Europe Codes are still on the way!

At this time, the only Backer Codes we’re still waiting for are Wii U (EU). We still expect these to arrive at any moment, but in the interest of serving you best, we’re going to issue each Wii U (EU) Backer a complimentary Steam code to help tide you over.

Look for an email from Backerkit, and enjoy this complimentary code while you wait! You are the last group to be served, so thank you for your patience. As soon as we get the Wii U (EU) Codes, we’ll send them out right away!

Please note: this DOES include Backers who’ve selected Wii U for Australia and New Zealand.


Next Up, Press Codes

A quick heads up! Now that the majority of Backers have been served, we’re working on the next step, which is to send out Press Codes. This needs to happen this week in order to get reviewers time with the game prior to Launch Day.

Don’t worry — Support emails from Backers are still our highest priority! We’ve been working our way through the support list with much success, and if we haven’t gotten to you, we will soon!

Remember, if you’re missing your Backer Code for any reason, see Update #94 for instructions on how to get into our support system!

Thanks! See you next update!