All you need is love in this epic, heart-pounding crossover! 

Finally, the WayForward crossover extravaganza you’ve been waiting for is on its way! At last, characters from Mighty Switch Force!, Vitamin Connection, Mighty Milky Way, Spidersaurs, Marble Knights, and more come together in the ultimate showdown…for your affection! That’s right: we are thrilled to announce Are We Soulmates Or Am I Just Being Way Forward! Check out the trailer here!

This unbelievable take on the classic dating sim formula features six WayForward superstars to romance! Will you throw yourself into the small but open arms of Robot T-Rex? Or come around to the affections of Oblate? Maybe you’re into someone with a bit of a dark and dangerous side, like Hooligan Sister #4 or The Roach. Or perhaps the healthy physique of Vita-Boy — er, make that Vita-Man — is more your style. Even the legendary Lil’ Witchem: Bear Tamer is here to ensnare your emotions! Who will you choose as these gaming greats vie for your heart?! Only by navigating this labyrinth of love will you be able to defeat the forces of evil and live happily ever after!

“For years we’ve heard the demands,” remarked WayForward Tyrannical Overlord Voldi Way. “When will Lil’ Witchem get her own game? When will that great WayForward crossover happen? When will someone make a game that lets me date a cyborg T-Rex? With Are We Soulmates Or Am I Just Being Way Forward, we think we’ve finally answered all those questions, along with many more that you were probably too afraid to ask.”

In addition to cutting-edge, ultra-HD, 120MHz visuals that take advantage of ray-tracing, specular lighting, and interpolated mipmapping, AWSOAIJBWF is powered by WayForward’s groundbreaking Fully Optimized Omniscient Love Selector engine that reads your feelings and automatically translates them into meaningful on-screen gameplay choices. No more clunky menus to get in the way of true love!

Are We Soulmates Or Am I Just Being Way Forward is currently in development for every existing game platform, including PC, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Sega Master System, SuperGrafx, 3DO, Atari 7800, and Virtual Boy, with a target release date of this April. Be on the lookout for the physical limited edition with lifesize The Roach body pillow!