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    Yes, this would be fantastic! Sad that it might not happen, but still very much awesomesauce.



    Tara Strong. ‘Nuff said.



    Now that I’m listening her cartoon reel of the voices, she would actually be a perfect voice for Shantae.
    Especially in cartoon series.



    It’s rare to see a good game porting to other media and the reverse is also true. I’d prefer the game remains a game and does not imitate them with Sonic cartoon which I doubt of success.



    The point in here was to have a corny 90’s style cartoon.
    Like Legend of Zelda. It was corny but fun.



    I’d like to see a Shantae Cartoon! If we could only pitch this idea to someone…

    And I totally agree with Basty and gameflyhunter about Tara Strong voicing Shantae. I can literally picture it in my head!



    That would be awesome! 🙂 A cross between Disney’s “Aladdin” and “The Legend of Korra.”



    Either Tara Strong, or the person who voices her in Pirate’s curse. those would be my choices for a Voice Actress.



    i would totally watch this 🙂
    i hope one day to see real animations in shantae games 😀



    I really like the work that Cristina Vee has done on Pirate’s Curse, so I really can’t imagine anyone else voicing Shantae. A cartoon would be cool, but I think the thing to hope for is a game that has full voice-over.



    As said before by many, a Shantae animated series would be Fantasmagical! I think it would fit best as a Netflix series. But, a question being, who would voice all the other characters? Shantae is Ret-2-Go with Cristina Vee and all, but what about Risky, Bolo, Sky or Rotty? Perhaps some of the VAs from Skullgirls could voice them?



    The fans of Shantae simply need to let Disney make the Shantae television series. Think about it for a moment. Viacom, through its Nick Jr. television network station, already has Shimmer and Shine, which already takes place within a Middle Eastern land and also involves genie girls, and making a show that takes place in any Middle Eastern landscape is a hard sell after terrorist attacks like 9-11 or 7-7, so between those two things, specifically, a cultural hard sell, and Shantae potentially leeching, and/or ripping off, of the fame of Shimmer and Shine, it would simply be an ill fit for Viacom and for WayForward to make the show together. Now as for Disney, they have a TON of talented writers for shows like Doug, Pepper Ann, Fillmore, Kim Possible, Motor City, Tron: Uprising, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Darkwing Duck, both the classic AND new versions of Ducktales, Gargoyles, and many other cartoons. Furthermore, many of their voice talents would also be good fits for the Shantae series. Here is my dream cast for a Shantae series if one was ever going to be made.

    Main Characters Shantae – Cristina Vee (if it is not broken, why bother to fix a thing that is already good and perfect), Sky – Christy Carlson Romano, Sky’s Mom – Jean Smart, Sky’s Dad – Gary Cole, Bolo – Will Freidle or Greg Cipes, Rotty Tops (Cadaver) – Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily or Cree Summer (I personally like the latter, as Rotty Tops is reminiscent of Cleo from Clifford: The Big Red Dog cartoon series in her attitude, demeanor, and always trying to convince people to do wrong and/or essentially deceive people), Poe (Cadaver) – John Wood, Abner Cadaver – Simon Pegg (I always thought that Simon Pegg was a very underrated actor in somewhat of the same vein as Leslie Nielsen, that is, he can do both comedy and serious movies equally well, and that Simon Pegg would probably love to do a voice for a cartoon as well as sound like a British sort of punk, as Abner kind of gives off that vibe with his character), Mimic – Mike McFarland or Michael J. Gough, Holly Lingerbean – Rachael Lillis, Bobby Lingenbean (brand new character) – Eric Stuart, Twitch – Cathy Cavadini, Vinegar – Tara Strong, Ammo Baron – Clancy Brown, Barracuda Joe – Jason Marsden, Techno Baron – Billy West, Squid Baron – Natalie Lander, Hypno Baron – Steve Blum The Pirate Master – Kevin Michael Richardson or Jim Cummings, Bran-Son – Patrick Warburton, Mayor Scuttlebutt – Tom Kenny, Hexer – Dennis Falt, Nega Shantae – Cristina Vee.

    Minor Characters, such as the Warrior, Squidsmith, Dance Parlor Lady, Rotund Woman, Spy Scope, Wobble Bell, Chef Girl, Sequin Land Sultana, Sequin Land Sultan (brand new character), Zombies, Chit Chat Spiders, Warp Squids, Town Guard, Fisherman, Vagabonds, Guardian Genies, Race Announcer, Mermaids, (Bolo’s) Granny, the Tinkerbats, and various random inhabitants of Sequin Land and surrounding lands – Khary Payton, Brad Garrett, Grey Deslile (now Grey Griffin), Kari Wahlgren, Wendee Lee, Yuri Lowenthal, David Sobolov, Greg Ellis, Carlos Alazaquiri, Christopher Sabat, Sean Schemmel, CCH Pounder, Ben Diskin, Andy Chanley, Fred Tatiascore, Heather Halley, Michelle Ruff, Jason Spisak, Brett Spiner, Kirby Morrow, Chris Edgerley, C.C.Seymour, David Lodge, Rosario Dawson, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Scott McNeil, Monica Rial, Sandy Fox, Veronica Taylor, Michele Knotz, Tabitha St. Germain, and Caitlin Glass.

    I think that this is more than adequate list of people that can make the series work. Please let me know, WayForward Staff, if you want to work with me on this idea or not. Thank you for your time and patient response.



    Too bad Ruby Spears isn’t around anymore, they’d be perfect for the task.
    Du du du duuuun, Super Fighting Genie.
    Du du du duuuun, Shantae!



    I have idea about method of animation. In my opinion, this method should be like in – Wakfu. Which perfectly combines flash animation and computer graphics with beautiful backgrounds. This style can perfectly preserve the spirit of the series, with the style of Pirate Curse (and even more powerful and realistic).



    YES, YOU READ MY MIND! But this would be unlikely, good to dream though. I mean, we couldn’t even get the animated cutscenes in half genie (darned stretch goals -.-).

    Though honestly, I’d be happy with anything that expanded the greater lore of the series, a show, comic, OVA, book, anything would be great, the cartoon is just the most far fetched.

    Though hey, you never know, castlevania got a show, and everyone thought that series was dead, so anything is possible 😀

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