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    You know, I’ve been playing this idea inside my head and thought it’d be hilarious but also at the same time fangasmic if Shantae had it’s own cartoon series.
    Generally, Shantae itself is already a big thing but if it would get saturday morning cartoon, the thing would get even more big.

    Basically what I’m thinking of is 13 episode season with 15-25 minute adventure per episode in good ‘old TV show style from the 90’s. 🙂

    So, what do you guys ‘n gals think? Yey, nay, whoop whoop?



    It would be neat but i don’t see it happening, not yet anyway, the brand just isn’t strong enough to justify spending that kind of money.
    Had we reached the final stretch goal of animated cut scenes it might not have been a far stretch to consider a full blown episode/series though.



    Something like this? 😛 (Okay, that’s more like a comic strip, but still.)



    Oh, sure, I’m all for it! Just, as Rurounin posited, the brand ain’t strong enough yet. =/ After HGH? Depending on how well PC and HGH sell? The possibility could very well open up! ^^ 2016 wouldn’t be a bad target for it, if it were feasible.



    Too early? Bah, tinkerwings!
    It’s never too early. In fact I believe it would do great for Shantae in terms of popularity. :p



    If Bubsy could get a pilot episode done, I don’t see how Shantae can’t get at least that much out. That said, now is not the time. It took around 8-9 years to get a sequel to Shantae, and 5 years after that for the next game. It’s getting better (HGH may premier in 2015), so if it happens, it could be sooner rather than later. But, as Tekaramity said, Wait until PC and HGH, if they bring in new fans, a series can become sustainable.



    Thank goodness that atrocity never picked up more than pilot episode.
    It was loud, annoying and jokes that repeated themselves just weren’t funny.

    Let’s just hope that Shantae’s pilot episode will get a good writer who can make actual jokes.



    If Bubsy could get a pilot episode done, I don’t see how Shantae can’t get at least that much out.

    Keep in mind that back then they were making cartoons out of everything. I’m pretty sure Crazy Bones almost got a cartoon.



    True that. They even got cartoon of Earth Worm Jim out of all things.
    I mean sure, it was awesome as a game but a cartoon? It was just no way it would be good and really… It truly wasn’t…



    I would love to see a 2D animated series of Shantae. <3

    There’s already an announcement for a 3D animated series of Mighty No. 9, but it looks like it’s made for 3-5 year olds.


    That would be a hilarious idea. Also, the Mighty No 9 cartoon is made for kids 6-11 years old, but I’d definitely watch it anyway.



    For me a Shantae cartoon would have to have a mixture of action, dark comedy, serious situations, (swearing, bloody fight scenes &/or deaths?), & maybe a lil’ added fan service for good measure.

    I could see some elements/ideas from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, Super Mairo Bros 3 cartoon, Super Mario World cartoon,Senran Kagura, Ikki Tousen, High School Of The Dead, Samurai Jack, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Afro Samurai &/or Samurai Pizza Cats to name a few, that could be tweaked & could be placed into the Shanate cartoons.

    I think Shantae may need more than Risky Boots as her enemy in the cartoon series. I guess the new enemies from Shantae & The Pirates Curse (The Pirate King) & 1/2 Genie Hero (Nega-Shantae, (RottyTops & her brothers are Shantae’s frienemies?), New Guardian Genie, The Powerful Evil that’s trying to escape from the Genie Realm) could be added to the cartoon show?

    The cartoon series can take elements from the Shantae games but also new places, new transformations, new abilities, new powers (for Shantae, Uncle Mimic & other good & evil characters) & new characters can be added to the show.

    The cartoon series should be aimed at teenagers, young adults & adults. Maybe Adult Swim might be a good home for a Shantae cartoon depending on the audience it’s targeting at.

    Would the cartoon series have a continuing story line or just random episodes that may or may not connect with future Shantae episodes (either two 11 mins episodes or one 25 minutes episode )?

    Maybe a Shantae &/or Risky Boots animated feature length or short movie could work before a Shantae cartoon series is made?

    It worked for DreamWork’s How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 movie & Cartoon Networks DreamWorks’ Dragons: Riders Of Berk & Defenders Of Berk.

    Wonder what ideas Robot Chicken could come up with if they had a lil’ fun with Mighty No.9, Shantae & some of WayForwards other female characters (B***h Puddin’ comes to mind).



    It wouldn’t be a Robot Chicken thing. No way, no how. The show’s based on nostalgia if anything, that’s why they keep doing GI Joe and He-Man sketches. And the few times they did promotional stuff for Nintendo and Sony, it was all tame.



    I’m all for a Shantae animated series as long as its pulled off correctly. only question thats on my mind is. Who should voice Shantae?



    A cartoon show would be awesome.

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