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    I emailed WayForward about Shantae being a part of Smash as a DLC. Their reply:

    “Thank you for contacting WayForward Support. We would love to see Shantae in Smash Brothers! However, Nintendo is in charge of the characters they put into Smash. So the only way we would be able to see her in game fighting the good fight, would be to let Nintendo know you want her there! Messaging and tweeting Nintendo to let them know who much you’d like to see Shantae in their game would be a good start. And thanks for showing support to our beautiful Purple-Haired Heroine.”

    You guys, we can make this happen! Do your part and request to Nintendo! Either through twitter, or even by emailing them. The more of us who chip in, the greater our chances! Our ability to make this a reality is unequivocally real, and so let’s work together to make this DLC rock!

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