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    i am a big fan of Double Dragon Neon, it has it’s problems, but it is s blast to play. i was wondering if we would be able to get a Wii U port of the game. i just love playing games on my Wii U, there is something magical about a Nintendo console that isn’t present in PlayStation or Xbox, at least for me. it’s not like i grew up on Nintendo or anything i actually grew up on Sony consoles.



    We appreciate hearing feedback and suggestions. And we are glad you enjoy Double Dragon Neon! 😀

    Double Dragon Neon was published by Majesco Entertainment and we were lucky enough to develop it. They would be the ones to contact about porting the game to a new console, since the game belongs to them. However, if they wanted to port it to Wii U, I’m sure we wouldn’t turn down the job offer. Double Dragon was a blast to work on.

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