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    The New 3DS Features Update for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse update includes tons of new features! Game swaps in real time between Original and New controls, adapting to your unique play style! Many of these updates were created with Speed-Runners in mind!

    • Use ZL or ZR to quickly swap between Inventory and Map screens.
    • Use the Right Control Stick to “Quick Select” your magic and items.
    • Tap the Touch Screen at any time to revert to Original controls.
    • Owners of original Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL can also access these features by connecting the Circle Pad Pro accessory.

    *New 3DS and Circle Pad Pro are not required to play the game
    *Currently Only in EU. Coming soon for NA

    Quick Link: http://bit.ly/New3DSSatPC



    Thanks you for news.






    Is there a full list of changes? Mainly because I’m curious. (Or is the list in your post the full list? It doesn’t sound like it.)



    Considering it’s nothing more than features added because of the NEW 3DS (or the older models if you have the circle pad pro, as it does add the extra controls being used), this could in fact be the full list.



    This is the full list. 😀



    How about 360 degree view?

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