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    Let’s have a game of “What did you eat today?”

    Rules are simple.
    You tell what did you eat today and if possible and if you made the food yourself, how you made that food.

    Then you evaluate what person before you ate today and give him a rating from 1 to 10 how good you think it was.
    This is also a perfect opportunity to share cooking lessons to others.

    The imaginary person before me who ate sausages and macaroni was really boring with his description.
    I give him 4-10. Sausages are good and macaroni is good but not tasty enough without ketchup.

    What I ate today is freshly new potatoes and chicken.
    With them I made a curry sauce.

    When I made curry sauce, I cooked up 50grams of butter, let it melt.
    Then I added in 3 spoonfuls of flour, one spoonful of curry and one cube of chicken broth.
    I let the flour to cook a little till I began to add in some water. 1dl a time. 5 at max depending on how sauce was looking alike.
    After all of those were mixed up, I added in some scream, citrus and pepper.

    How would you rate my recipe and what did you do as food today?

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