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    Title says it all, I LOVE this game, every second was a joy to both eyes and ears 🙂 The original was, and still is, a great and fantastic game, but WayForward just added so much more charm and content to the remake! Let alone the lovable and quirky Disney humour, the vocalized theme song upon game completion that you can’t help but sing along xD and, though a small detail, the possibility of jumpin into the money tank!

    Ah, imagine if at some point, WayForward also remade DuckTales 2 🙂

    Rock on guys!! Full support from here.



    Agreed! WayForward improved the game in every way, even the level design. I’m also glad that they maintained the old school difficulty.



    It’s nice that the remake doesn’t change all that much for the sake of trying to be something wildly new and different. No extra gimmicky weapons or techniques, just Scrooge and his cane.

    The game has a familiar feel for those who grew up on the game without being an exact copy of the original. I can see why some may be put off by the mandatory fetch quests instead of just being able to take a quick short path to the boss, but I found it a good compromise and helped extend the length of the game to just the right amount without feeling too padded. It’s what actually got me going back to the original to take time and explore the stages and shoot for a $10,000,000 run.

    And of course the multiple difficulties to cater to the casual crowd, the hardcore treasure hunters who grew up on the original, and everyone else in between


    What REALLY made this game fun? Making an account on PSNProfiles under the name “UncleScroogeMcD” and writing a trophy guide/leaving comments about the game on related threads. XD




    I really loved this remake. I know the reviews gave a lotta flack for the story, but I loved it, especially hearing those AMAZING voices. That was a real treat, like an ice cream cone that actually has ice cream in it!



    I just make an account to say that DuckTales Remastered is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Sound, Music, Story, Dialogue, Gameplay, But above all the visuals…

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