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    Two Letters Away is a fun little game I think all us Forwardists can enjoy~!

    So here’s how it works. After the first post every player will be presented with a previous post. The goal of the game is to modify the word of the previous post into a new word by jumbling up the letters in any way they see fit and adding/removing up to TWO letters from the word. (To be more specific on how this works if you remove a letter you can add one in its stead, you can simply remove letters, and/or you can add one-two letters to the word.)

    In the case that you want to hold a conversation or say something in the thread please make sure to post your word FIRST and let a blank line stand between your word and your conversation. (This way there’s no confusion and the game can easily continue for other players, also remember that if you do post a conversation you’re more prone to get Ninja’d so don’t get flustered if you do.)

    Any word in English works as well Character/Show/Etc… Names and Gaming Specific Terms that most of us are familiar with. (If you think its a little out there or someone might not get it go ahead and post a snippet about the word/name/term after it)

    The next most important question is, how do we handle “Ninja’ing?” For those that don’t know “Ninja’ing” is when you’re writing a post and by the time its done someone else has already posted before you. As it will inevitably happen here’s how I propose handling it here, ((In the event that you can edit your post: if you realize your post was Ninja’d go ahead and edit it based off the last poster’s word, it’d be kind if you did not delete your original new word either, this way the next player can choose which word to use for their post, and we can prevent double-ninja’ing))

    In the event you realize that someone else was Ninja’d then you get a special option! Its your choice on whose word to use when making yours, however its often considered polite to give a little explanation after your word that it looked like someone got Ninja’d so you made a choice.

    Please don’t just keep switching a word back and forth between a small list of one or two words.

    Here’s an example of gameplay for someone new: \/

    Post 1: Meow

    Post 2: Leo (The M became an L and the W was dropped)

    Post 3: Loner (An N and an R were added while the E and O were jumbled)


    *Without any further ado I think we’re ready to begin the game officially! SO here it is, our first word!




    Arrow (removed f & d)



    Row (removed A & r)



    Crown (added C & n)



    Town (Replaced C with T, removed R)



    Shown (added s & replaced t with h)



    Wish (o became i, plus dropped n)

    ((Are we allowed to replace two letters, in addition to permuting them? That is, might I have chained, say, “Throw” to “Shown”?))



    Gist (replace W with G, replace H with T)



    Fish (Replace G with F, replace T with H)

    (fimvisible; as long as you know it was a replacement and say it as thus it is fine… So Yes. Been meaning to get to this for awhile, but a life-threatening Surgery and recovery kept me away. I’m all good now. Also I really wanted to use Geist here, but its technically German so I chose not to.)



    Irish (added I, replace F with R)



    Hire (replaced I with e, dropped s)



    Tired (Replaced H with T, Added D)



    tired (did nothing)



    ire (Removed the T and removed the D)



    Pyre (added P, replaced I with Y)

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