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    I’m hesitant to post this due to the stigma of the FPS genre the past 10+ years, but let’s try anyway.

    I’ve been playing this game constantly lately. I play on PC if anyone wants to s̶t̶o̶m̶a̶c̶h̶ ̶o̶r̶i̶g̶i̶n̶ play with me.
    I’ve gotten pretty proficient with a shotgun. ‘w`



    Generally I don’t play many FPS games but I don’t see any problem talking about ’em or making a big fuss about it.
    However, I am not big fan of EA for several good reasons so I’ll just wait till someone will whip out a free to play clone of that game.



    I kinda realized making a thread about any FPS here was a mistake so I kinda don’t care about this topic anymore. It was either not going to get attention or a truck load of hate.
    Though for the sake of responding to you, I’m actually kinda surprised that EA left their nasty fingers off this game… it was even on sale for $45 when I got it only 2 months after release.



    While it’s true that majority of FPS;es have deviated in to direction that I am not very fond of, I don’t really see a reason to make a big hate speech about it nor hate people who play them. ”
    EA on otherhand… Has to do muuuch, muuuuuuuch more good decisions before I stop boycotting anything that has to do with them.

    Oh, and I just realized I wrote what I meant wrong. I meant to say, I don’t see a reason making a big fuss about it, not I don’t see a problem making a fuss about it.
    It’s 6am in ‘ere where I live so I don’t think things through what I write when I’m sleepy. ^^;



    Personally, I think people exaggerate the FPS genre vastly out of proportion. There’s a difference between popular and oversaturation. There’s been a TON of big RPG’s, platformers, and indie games to sate the hipsters who swear every new FPS is a CoD clone (because Borderlands, Warsow, Bioshock, Tower of Guns, Serious Sam 3, Rise of the Triad, Drunken Robot P-ornography, and Blood Dragon apparently don’t exist to these people).

    I’m amazed at the amount of platformers and RPG’s released (in many cases rehashed) lately and people can still spout this nonsense about them being killed off by “teh evul Cawadooty”.

    I’m all for making fun of EA though. :3/ Titanfall was just too irresistible for me so I took my chance. Haven’t played a multiplayer game this much since Tribes Ascend.



    Well, we all have different taste in gaming, that’s for certain.
    If I were to describe mine about first person shooters, Heretic is my favorite game and I truly wish we would get more games like Doom 1 or 2.

    I also like RPG;s personally. Especially old school type ones where you have a solid “attack, magic, item, special” battle system.
    But also side scrolling RPG;s are cool as well. But it truly depends what I deem as an RPG and what I deem as adventure, action or what ever game.
    For an example, there are people who say Zelda is an RPG but to me, it’s an topdown adventure game so there’s room for debate there.



    Well it’s evident no one on the forums plays this but me, so I’ll leave this topic alone.



    Technically that kind of game exists. It’s could Blacklight Retribution. Only the robots are not as big (around 3m tall).

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