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    How are people feeling about this new piece of technology? I feel like it might have the potential to be good, but there are some serious concerns that trouble me. Things like the power of the portable screen (I saw in the teaser some serious framerate drops when Zelda was being played), the battery life of the device and the controllers, and the fact that it’s launching without access to pretty much the entire eShop library.

    Also hey, WayForward, will there be any plans to port your own games over to the new console? Half Genie Hero could be plausible, you’ll likely have the game finished and released on consoles before Nintendo gives you a dev kit. Or is this a sign to produce a new title in the Mighty Switch Force series?



    We’d like too! But its a new announcement, so it probably won’t be for a while that anything is ported. However we can’t make promises of what will be ported, if anything, at this time.



    Well, it’s literally just tabloid with joysticks.
    Unless that docking station does something else than send the signal to big screen and charge the Switch then it’s really nothing remarkable.

    Since Switch uses customized Nvidia Tegra X chip it’d be just the same if I went to buy Nvidia shield so that docking station thingy needs to give the system some serious oomph to be relative to gamers who like to play the system at home, like double the specs of the system in order to play games on bigger resolution and probably even with better more detailed graphics.

    There’s one thing I like about it though. It uses cartridges “Or it should” which is pretty welcome comeback from the olden days since nowadays chips don’t have the same limitations they had back in the N64 days.



    Well, it’s literally just tabloid with joysticks.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you meant “tablet”.

    In either case, I’m not too concerned about it being too similar to the Shield. For one, having it play at 1080p on the console seems to be a given in this day and age, plus Nvidia seems to be very excited to tell us about all the new and exciting software and APIs they made for the Switch. Not to mention the thing that sets Nintendo apart from other consoles: the game library and exclusive titles. If they can manage to not alienate third party developers again the way they did with the Wii U and its second screen, it’s highly likely that they could really set themselves apart from the competition with their “console on the go” gimmick.



    The thing is, it can barely handle 1080p depending on how the games are programmed.
    Sure, if it uses something like Fox engine then 1080p isn’t a problem with cost of slight FPS drops.
    Nvidia Tegra X1 does back a wallop, yes. 1 teraflop of computing power “YES! IT CAN RUN CRYSIS! JEEEEEEEEESH!!!!” but if we compare that to Xbone 1,2 tflops “which barely can do 1080p” and PS4 1,8tflops “Still barely can do 1080p” it’s very castrated when it comes to computing power.

    Yes, it’s a custom Tegra chip so I’ll be expecting at least around 1.5 teraflops in computing power which can just and just barely handle 1080p but unless they stack two of them in to the system, it’s pretty tinkerbat poor excuse for a console. As a handheld yeah, it’ll be top-notch though. But still, could as well go and buy Nvidia Shield.

    As for “exclusive” titles. Mario, Mario and more Mario.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love my Mario but seriously… It needs way more exclusives than Mario and I don’t think N-Switch is going to be an exception to this rule.
    They did mention having partnership with loads of companies yes but Skyrim in a trailer was really bad start and makes me think that all we get is games from the past re-released for the N-Switch.



    To be honest (in my own opinion). I learned my lesson from the 3ds, and the wiiu…I paid way to high for the 3ds and knowing many months later that the game priced DROPPED severly!…..

    as for the wiiu, I passed on that because i couldn’t afford it. BUt it was a good call because it didn’t make any great sales……

    I will have to pass off from the wiiu and wait for a December holiday release instead!.. at least i know some games would be worth it to play on to……

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