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    Please don’t listen to slander about PQQ. The levels differ enough from the Shantae’s run, the enemies are half new and everyone with half a brain realizes how large a chunk of work the bosses are.
    At least now we know that Tinkerbats can mutiny — more canon for my fanfic, I say! 😀

    Now, back to the original campaign.

    I can see this game was through tumultuous development, and the kickstarter campaign hadn’t reached too many goals, so sad, we live in an imperfect world, yadda, yadda. That doesn’t mean the gameplay is anything less than great.

    The bosses are underwhelmingly easy, but there is hardcore mode for that.

    The hardcore mode is awesome! I whimper in dread when I think of picking from where I fled it (the Tassel Town tower).

    The balance is… not that great. The beginning is very hard (both normal and hardcore modes), then you quickly accumulate health making battles easier and easier and easier until your Shantae is more durable than Battleship Yamato :p
    Should have used logarithmic growth after some threshold (unlocking the next heart requires 2-3-4 heart holders to acquire), pithy it’s too late for that.

    I just began playing PQQ but I see it must be much better balanced 🙂 I hope so.
    Although no platformer can show Risky’s character in all her glory. She is a great Tinker, after all. You’d have to have a Dungeon Keeper style game, with lair and minion management and laying anti-Shantae traps, to explore her point of view in full.
    Oh well, she had to gather raw materials and components, right? That’s the part of her adventure we can enjoy.

    The animation feels so alive and nice to look at! The art style, though… Yeech, I greatly dislike this one. It’s like the anime of nineties, too much stylization taken too far, but not far enough. Falls straight into Uncanny Valley for me. Shantae’s arms too thin, bracers too oversized, eyes too big, etc.
    But not enough to prevent the game from being great.

    The plot is great and crazy, bot silly and serious so much like the previous games, the characters are so themselves — making the one issue more pronounced: the lack of leftover Shantae / Risky dynamics from Pirate’s Curse. What is most vexing, a couple of shout outs and allusions would have been enough. A small “What the hell, Villain?” or even a reminder that it’s the Genies who protect the world from things worse than the Pirate master in “are you really going to saw the branch you’re sitting on” style.

    Then there is the final boss… Let’s just say: are the Genies that lame? They did beat the Pirate Master, after all. They weren’t really gone, they are spirits. That was their realm. And even if Shantae’s mother was unavailable, someone of no lesser strength would have been there.
    No, I refuse to consider those pale shadows real Genies. Doormats, all of them.
    Risky’s plan feels out of character as well. “Ruling” simply doesn’t feel like her, by some reason (Or did she really mean “scary everyone into submission” by “ruling”?) unlike pirating, pillaging and being genral Terror that Flaps in the Night. Whith her eyes being yellow again… I half expected the final stage of the final boss to sprout a Pirate Master’s hat and go all “har-har-har, I mind-controlled you, did you think you can be free of me” on Risky.
    It’s probably a stop-gap that stayed because of the Clockwork Moon story-line never being realized, isn’t it?
    So sad.
    Never fear, I shall use my powers of a fanfiction writer to rectify all that! 😀

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