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    I have been a gamer since the NES days. Growing up on Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, Double Dragon, and, yes, Contra. One of my favorite games was always the NES version of Contra.

    Not only was it a top notch platformer up there with the greats, but as a shooter it’s still one of the best ever made. Basically a video game version of an ’80s action flick that was as intense as it was difficult, Contra always kept me coming back for more. Even this many years later and NES Contra is one of the best games ever.

    Sure, Super C was a good sequel, but the platforming was lacking. Operation C was fun, but it was short and only one player. Contra III and Hard Corps were excellent games, but they were more focused on cinematic over the top events and bosses and less on challenging level design. The less said about the PS1 games, the better. I also enjoyed the PS2 games, but they were more in the vein of Contra III and Hard Corps and not quite what I wanted from the series.

    So, I say, thank you for making Contra 4.

    It was exactly the game I’ve wanted to play ever since the NES era ended. The level design was tight, creative (especially due to the dual screens), and, most importantly, it was fun. You brought back the platforming, the obstacles, and the aggressive action I’ve wanted to return to the series since the first NES game. You brought the series back to its roots and in the process pushed it forward with modern choices such as the dual screen, multiple playable characters, and excellent 2D sprite-work and backgrounds that surpass even Contra III and Hard Corps. Then there’s the soundtrack which is also the best since the first game. Contra 4 is one of the best games on the DS, and it is one of the BEST games ever.

    I think it’s positively affected what few games have been released in the series since. Hard Corps Uprising and Contra ReBirth were based more around platforming and stage obstacles and less on boss gauntlets than the series was pre-Contra 4. I can only hope if there’s a Contra V, it will continue in this direction.

    Anyway, I just wanted to extend my thanks. Contra 4 is an excellent game that doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention it should. It still has a place in my 3DS game case, and certainly always will.

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