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    Well, the new character reveal today effectively nullifies the Gematsu leak. Turns out you were right, XwingInfinity.

    I really hope for the addition of The Tactician (Your Character) from Awakening to make an appearance with a male and female version ala Wii Fit Trainer; He/She can use swords and spells right out of the gate

    Except his/her name is now Robin, but whatever.

    This opens up the possibilities for new characters; we don’t need to listen to leaks anymore. We don’t even need to care about slots anymore, because Fire Emblem got freaking four characters. Who are you guys hoping for?



    Despite that turn of events against the Gematsu leak, still really hope that Shulk gets in. If Robin can get tomes, then Shulk can be allowed his Monado Arts to be unique enough.

    The Sneaky Spirit sighting still also has me looking at Chorus Kids. They might be a nice “mess around/troll” character.

    Isaac still being MIA is also curious, but who knows anymore. I’d also like Ghirahim, but odds are Ganon and that’s it for Zelda.

    Ultimately, with the Rayman trophy spotting today, it would be nice if other companies get some recognition in Smash in one way, shape, or form. I’d love a Shantae trophy, or a Patricia Wagon Assist.



    Shantae for Smash, Shantae for Smash, Shantae for Smash, EVERYBODY!

    Shantae for Smash, Shantae for Smash, Shantae for Smash…!



    ^ That would be one heck of a licence deal… I wonder how it would work? Well they already have Dillon from DIllon’s Rolling Western in it as an assist trophy… So there might be hope for indie characters.



    ^ That would be one heck of a license deal… I wonder how it would work? Well they already have Dillon from DIllon’s Rolling Western in it as an assist trophy… So there might be hope for indie characters.



    Nintendo published Rolling Western, so it’s not as indie as you’d suspect.



    Miiverse Pic of the Day

    Looks like we’ve finally gotten information on what the S Flag does, I remember a LOT of people thinking that it would just be a Namco-character-exclusive Assist Trophy, but as it turns out it’s different from any item we’ve ever had in Smash.



    I can’t believe the Smash 4 topic is dead, now that Smash 4 is actually out. Who here has it? Who’s playing as Bowser Jr? Who’s playing as Duck Hunt? Is everyone being Little Mac?



    I’ve been playing quite a bit of Smash since it came out. Mega Man and Pac Man are super fun to play with, as well as many of the other newcomers. But geez, it feels like everyone and their brother is using Little Mac when I play random online matches.



    I have been playing online constantly to a point where it’s no longer fun to me. It’s not because of the vast amount of Little Mac players, which truth be told I always look forward to going against that overrated piece of ****, but the amount of lag I’ve experienced always kills it for me. Hardly tried out the single player modes, but I enjoyed a bit of Smash Run.

    As for characters, I always main’d Sheik and I couldn’t be any happier seeing her as one of the most hated characters in the game. Also love playing some Mario and Ganondorf. As for newcomers goes, I’ve been spending a considerant amount of time with Palutena and Robin.

    Can’t wait for the WiiU version. Once I get my hands on a gamecube controller there will be hell to pay (with hope that the online is amazing).



    My college campus’s wifi has never really agreed with my 3DS, so I won’t get the opportunity to try it out until I get home.

    As for the game itself, I really enjoy the variety of newcomers, my two favorites to play as being Rosalina and Dark Pit (who is lucky that I loved Uprising enough to not hate his inclusion here).

    Gotta say though, there’s a TON of things I’m slightly disappointed in. It’d be much nicer if Smash Run had more options like extending the time period beyond 5 minutes and actually being able to choose how many matches you have at the end of each session. It also baffles me that Stamina mode is out.



    We have another chance! Smash for Switch is coming soon and we can make ourselves heard again! Let’s put Shantae back in the spotlight she’s ret-2-go! #ShantaeForSmash let’s get the hashtag trending!

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