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    @firedragonsage88: People just really like the GameCube controller. It’s super comfy.



    @Lorley Eh, fair enough.



    Palutena! She looks like she’s going to be a lot of fun to use!



    So do we wanna talk about how PAC-MAN is in this game? It's Pac-Man for chrissakes



    Honestly, i saw Pac-man coming from a mile away. As soon as they announced Mega-man, it seemed unlikely that we wouldn’t get some representative from Namco seeing as they themselves were working on the game, and who else would they put but their own iconic character from the same time. Personally, when i was thinking about it i really wished they wouldn’t and put someone else from their list of characters in, like a Tales of character or something, but seeing him in action I guess i’m okay with him being in.



    Gamecube is just the standard for most. I couldn’t never use anything other than GC for Smash. Especially not that goofy tablet thing.
    And I’m glad they put Pac Man in. If they chose the little lifeless animu Tales characters or someone from a fighting game, I think that’d be pretty weak. Though I’m more inclined to take Jin or Nightmare or something. They’re at least fighters. Tales isn’t even a household name like Pac Man.



    I guess I’m the only one who’s depressed over the 3DS delay. I know it’s to better fine tune the game and I’m down for that. This is just telling me that the WiiU version is pushed to March.

    But what about that invitational tourney though? We finally get to see full matches of the game and it was awesome for the most part. That grand final match was exactly what I wanted. Not to mention Zelda Williams played an awesome Greninja. But what topped all of that was Mario’s alternate color. Seriously, I would wear those colors and it looked so good on Mario. It also tells me that there’s more to look forward to skin changes than just a complete swap.

    Also, Palutena trailer is best trailer.



    @TamaskanLEM I’m a little upset it was delayed. I’m more interested in the console version but I was glad I could at least play on 3DS months ahead of time. Now it looks like only a month difference. I don’t think the Wii U version will get pushed to March. I’m sure they’re really striving for that holiday release.



    I called Palutena and Namco Rep being announced at E3! Yes! Ahem… still sad at the lack of Captain Falcon so far, but maybe we’ll see him pop up on the Smash website in the coming weeks.

    Also, was really surprised with how they decided to incorporate the Miis as 3 different types of fighters. I had to take a moment and ask myself if this was real life or not when they showed a splash screen for “Ice T Pours It On”. Wonder how Nintendo will handle the swarm of Hitler Mii Fighters that are sure to populate the online mode…

    Also, anyone else a bit confused by Mr. Game & Watch popping up at the end of Pac-Man’s reveal trailer? Is he back? Did they just show him for the 1980 gag? If so, is G&W de-confirmed now? I mean, his panel hasn’t popped up on the Smash website or anything, makes me sad for G&W fans.



    Actually Xwing, you can’t use MiiFighter online with randoms, only friends. This was done to “stop bullying”, so no offensive Miis, with randoms anyway.

    I knew Pac-Man would make it. With Namco Bandai working on the game, odds are they were getting a representative, and Pac-Man is the most iconic (despite my semi-hope for Klonoa).

    With these E3 reveals, a fair amount of folks are looking back to the Gematsu leak, which, barring no mention of Rosalina, has been 100% accurate so far. He just has 3 more to go to be perfect. Those are:

    1) Shulk from Xenoblade
    2) Chorus Boy/Men from Rhythm Heaven
    3) Chrom from Fire Emblem

    And with Xenoblade Chronicles X being a spiritual sequel to Xenoblade, an extremely well received game, Rhythm Heaven enemies spotted in Smash Run, and Sakurai’s wording of the Coliseum reveal post, he might just get that perfect.



    I was hoping for one (or more) of the Advance Wars characters to show up 🙁



    Has anyone here played the demo at Best Buy yet? I tried it yesterday, and I genuinely enjoyed myself.

    • We played two rounds on the Wii U version, plus on line we had the chance to play the 3DS version as well.
    • Little Mac’s KO Punch was actually not a confirmed kill; it’s possible to survive it. Don’t know if it’s about the amount of damage you have, or how close to the bottom you are, or if it’s a glitch or whatever.
    • Mega Man is so great.
    • Apparently there’s an exploit with Kirby in the Punch-Out stage where you can kill people instantly by taking them to the lights at the top of the stage and using your up throw on them.
    • Greninja’s Water Shurikens can’t be charge stored; once it’s fully charged, you throw it instantly.
    • Have I mentioned Mega Man is great? Because he is.


    I played it on Wednesday, Lorley. I used Mega Man for my first match, and won. Such an amazing bag of tricks he has. Used the Guts Arms to throw my friend’s Marth into Lugia’s Aeroblast, ha.



    Ah, that makes sense to disallow the Miis from Online with randoms; avoids the controversy completely.

    If any of the Gematsu leaks are proven wrong I really hope it’s Chrom. With the Fire Emblem series having such a wide repertoire of crazy classes and characters, do we really want three blue haired swordsmen in Smash 4? I really hope for the addition of The Tactician (Your Character) from Awakening to make an appearance with a male and female version ala Wii Fit Trainer; He/She can use swords and spells right out of the gate and can Second Seal to any other class (well, almost), so his/her move-set possibilities are so much more varied and interesting as compared to Chrom.

    This doesn’t mean, of course, we can’t get Chrom (or even the “Marth” (wink wink) that shows up in Awakening) as an alternate skin for the King Marth we all know.



    A newcomer is going to be announced on Monday, July 14th.


    A writer for Xenoblade Chronicles retweeted the announcement, so the very popular opinion is that it will be Shulk.

    Sol Romano’s source contacted him earlier on sunday, telling him to “enjoy my friend Shulk”.

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