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    With E3 right around the corner and the 3DS version slated to release sometime this summer, it won’t be long until all of Smash 4’s secrets have been revealed. Until then, why not discuss our predictions/hopes/fever-dreams for possible characters/stages/mechanics/items/modes/etc.?

    Personally, on the character front, I’m predicting Palutena, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, and Ness to be be revealed for E3, maybe a Namco character as well. Everyone else I would think would be saved for the game’s release in (hopefully!) July? My pie-in-the-sky-not-going-to-happen-but-wish-would-happen-prediction: Mewtwo returns with a more unique moveset to distinguish him a bit more from Lucario, Mega-Mewtwo Y final smash shown.

    As far as game mechanics go, with as much love as the competitive scene has been getting with the “For Glory” mode, the Invitational, and the Gamecube controller adapter, I would think that Sakurai is going to try his best to make the game as fast or nearly as fast playing as Melee, with movement options similar to stuff like wave dashing and canceling found in Melee built into the game intentionally and perhaps made a bit easier to utilize, lowering the learning curve for people who want to be competitive with the game.

    So what are your thoughts folks?



    I cannot wait for SSB4; I love pretty much every bit of news so far(except the steam coming from characters, that’s weird.)

    When it comes to newcomers I want, a good amount has been deconfirmed by now(though Isaac still has hope!), but my most wanted 3 (from 3rd to 1st) since the game was announced was Little Mac, Palutena and Chrom, and it seems the first 2 are in. At E3, I’m expecting (/hoping) to see Wario and Ice Climbers return, along with two newcomer reveals. No telling who the first is (though my fingers are crossed for Chrom), but I’m expecting it to be followed with a trailer for a Namco character, which I’m completely expecting at this point.

    I also hope Sakurai acknowledges Tomodachi Life’s localization and shows some more of its stage this Friday.



    gc adapter

    Well my dream already came true so I’m down for whatever nintendo adds in. The more the merrier.



    All I want for Christmas is a Pushmo stage.



    Can’t wait. I’m so glad with the choices Sakurai made for this. Including both the competitive and casual scene without forcing either into each other was wonderful of him…though people cried anyway, but still.
    I also can’t wait for Smash Run. I was a big fan of City Trial in Kirby Air Ride.



    Can’t wait. I’m going with some friends to a Best Buy for the demo and am greatly looking forward to it. Not sure who I’ll want to pick, since I heard last year had a big turnout, and not sure how many times I’ll get to play. Most likely a newcomer though, just to try someone different. Then again, it would be nice to see how some veterans moves might have been adjusted.

    My wishlist of characters has basically been fulfilled. Got Sonic and Mega Man. Would have liked Phosphora from Kid Icarus, but I’ll be happy if Palutena gets in. I guess the only character left I really hope gets in is Shulk from Xenoblade.

    The Gamecube controller adaptor also made my day when it was announced.



    I just want Ness and Lucas to return, they are the only ones I play as in Brawl… that’s all I ask.



    @AnalystDuelist: Would have liked Phosphora from Kid Icarus

    Just out of curiosity, why Phosphora of all characters? I mean, she was only in one or two chapters in the entire game. I’d expect Magnus over her, or Hades even.

    Any case, I kinda hope they don’t reveal everything at E3. I want there to be a few characters who I don’t learn about until I’m actually playing the game.



    @ Lorley: Just of curiosity, why Phosphora of all characters?

    Couple of reasons I suppose. When I fought her the first time, her moves just really left a “these could be translated into a Smash moveset” vibe. Even pictured her using her scarf to grab enemies, shock’em, then throw ’em. Also, since we hadn’t known about Pit’s Final Smash getting changed at the time, I figured that if Pit would still have called upon Palutena for Centurion support, Phosphora could have mirrored that and called upon Viridi for help, maybe slamming a Reset Bomb or Cragalanche onto the stage.

    I had also had the feeling, and this holds true still because no news on him, that if Magnus gets in, he’ll be an Assist Trophy. He’d behave in a manor such as Saki, except throw a lunging kick or so in as well, and heavier damage than Saki.

    Despite loving his character, I never pictured Hades as playable. In the background or as a stage hazard most likely, but just not playable. But if Sakurai wants to add more villains, I’d be ok with him over Medusa, just because of how entertaining he is. Knowing how Sakurai loves to mess with us, watch him fool us all and put in Amazon Pandora instead, ha.



    My dream character to show up would be Toon Ganondorf. In my opinion, he’s easily the coolest of all of Ganondorf’s incarnations; he has a drive and maturity the others lack (which is odd considering he’d be Toon Ganondorf…) and double sword / dark magic would be kind of an awesome moveset. Its really just a pipe dream, though…



    I hope it’s as fast as Melee was. Brawl was ok, but it was a lot slower.



    @XoPachi Sakurai said it will be, as well its possible to see on the gameplay videos.

    I loved Little Mac and Mega Man showing up. But I’m still hoping to see more newcomers… and Snake. And another adventure mode with cutscenes which is unfortunately not going to happen either.

    Besisdes that, everything else seems perfect for me.

    The Gamecube controller adaptor also made my day when it was announced.

    I didn’t know about that, now I’m relieved.



    I smell a new bundle (which most likely WON’T be shown on E3): Wii U with Smash 4, GCN controller adapter, one Smash GCN controller and… something else… for $350. If I’m right, I’m buying.



    My hopes of Wonder Red as at least an assist trophy have already been shattered, and I can’t really think of too many people i really specifically want them to add at this point that they didn’t already (especially our little blue bomber friend). But if they do add any more FE characters to add someone from Awakening, I’m honestly hoping it isn’t Chrom, and that Lucina stays an alt skin for Marth. We already have two blue haired sword wielders from Fire Emblem, why not add something new to the group. Hell, maybe since we’ve seen all those different forms for Villager we can get something crazy like the MC of Awakening, male and female. Other than that i think it would be pretty sweet if it turned out that Palutena leak was legit, and maybe an alt skin for Megaman to make him into a certain older brother of his.

    Also, Wii U version is gonna have to step up if they want to live up to the hype of giving us SMASH CITY TRIALS!



    I’m curious… what’s wrong with the pro controller? I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about the GameCube adapter. I’d prefer using the pro controller. Digital triggers are much more suited for Smash Bros than analog are.

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