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    Salutato’s folks. SilentBobX here. Just recently beat HGH and have gotten super inspired to make some sprites (for no particular reason). I’m not much of an artist anymore, so I mainly get by that slump by drawing video game sprites. I’ve been making one of an OC with a sort of Megaman move set. Here’s the sprite sheet of him in action. Actions? Actions!
    Jump and fire guy!

    I still have alot of work ahead of me, but I plan to make a giant sheet of moves (Will add his goggles to the rest of the sprites later). I’ll give more info on the character later if people are interested to know more about him. I also may upload commission pics of him, if that’s okay, later. I’m off to get more work done. Be back later.



    I can’t seem to view the sprites, SilentBobX.

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