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    HI. Here are a couple drawings I made a long while ago now it feels like (I could do a lot better now), been meaning to do some Mighty Switch Force but I’ve been chipping away at my own stuff alongside working at my day job :<. But my next Wayforward fan art piece is probably gonna be my own take on MSF :>

    Anyway here is a Shantae sketch:

    enter image description here

    and a Risky doodle!

    enter image description here

    Thanks for checking it out! I don’t do a lot of fanart in general so this is all I got for now.



    Not bad, Shark! You have a different style going on with the eyes. I’d love to see the sketch completed as a coloured and shaded image. Looks like it has potential, especially considering how nicely shaded Risky Boots is (in a comic book style, at that).



    Great to see this stuff on here! I didn’t know you’d done any WF fanwork.



    Amazing work. You got a unique style. I can’t wait to see more of your art.



    Your work is quite amazing o.o



    got a real “atlus” vibe from your style, Keep up the good work.



    Thanks a lot guys!! I’m glad you like it, I’ll try and do some more fan art sometime so this thread actually has new art in it. I appreciate the comments.

    Also yooo Veloxiraptor!



    I really like your use of jagged lines. I follow you on Tumblr btw, small internet.

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