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    I am surprise no one has mention this to the forum at all. I had to find this news from an ebay seller and I thought it was hoax. I had to search online for this and i actually never knew this existed…

    Don’t worry folks, if you miss the first batch, theres another batch comming at 6:00pm (Eastern time)

    enter image description here



    wow, is this published by wayforward or someone just programmed it on to a disc and did all the designs? this actually existed, they need to make a video about these!



    too bad there already sold out.



    Been awhile since I’ve been on these boards, but that is a bummer to find out, and also that there were soundtracks for sale. Seems like a lot of people bought them and immediately put them up on eBay for auction and jacked up the price. Unfortunate.



    yeah, I been known it was going to happen for that, It’s a good thing the site only listed ONE per customer for the soundtrack, while the game is 2 per customer since they both have alternate covers.

    The goodnews is the price is dropping significantly lower due to the app’s release making it a cheaper alternative.
    even though there was only limited copies for the sequels, it’s still cannot compete with the Gameboy Color release.

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