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    Let’s play a little game of rock, paper, scissors.

    Shantae is weak against RottyTops.
    RottyTops is weak against Risky Boots.
    Risky Boots is weak against Shantae.

    On a count of Risky, Tops, Shantae you roll 1d6 die
    http://www.d20srd.org/extras/d20dicebag/ “In here or you roll d6 die”

    And you announce your number or the character you got.
    1 and 2 is Shantae.
    3 and 4 is Rotty Tops.
    5 and 6 is Risky Boots.

    If you win, you get 1 point
    If you lose, you lose 1 point

    Here is example of a game.
    “Latest character is Shantae.

    Daddy rolls d6 die
    Daddy rolls 3 “Rotty tops”
    Daddy gets 1 point.

    Mommy rolls d6 die
    Mommy rolls “Rotty tops”
    Mommy or daddy doesn’t get nor lose a point

    Brother rolls d6 die
    Brother rolls 6 “Risky Boots”
    Brother gets 1 point

    Sister rolls d6 die
    Sister rolls “Shantae”
    Sister gets 1 point

    Daddy rolls d6 die
    Daddy rolls 3 “Rotty Tops”
    Daddy gets 1 point

    Are the rules clear? GOOD!
    I roll d6 aaaaaand…

    We start with RottyTops!

    Basty = 0 points



    I got a 1, a Shantae.

    Orange Swirl = -1 point(s)

    Basty = 1 point(s)



    5 = Risky Boots

    Orange Swirl = 0 point(s)
    Basty = 0 point(s)

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