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    I been tested for days using my VZTEC gamepad and confirm that something is wrong with the game setting for gamepad.

    I am playing on normal version, not dx11,

    gamepad using normal VZTEC brand, gamepad button all work fine on other game for example :
    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed
    Naruto Shippuden
    Titan Souls
    Castle Crasher
    BattleBlock Theater
    etc ~~

    once we at the shantae setting, I always turn off AA and vibration, but even thou setting said saved, whenver I start the game, those 2 option is always there.

    but main point is the system setting do not let us assign the X button, which is Square button on PS controler, VZTEC button is number “4”

    I even tried every other option that can assign button, basically I can assign everything to any button except the X button, is so weird,

    Can someone please fix this problem on the normal version of shantae?




    which version of the pad do you have?.. is it a newer model or the older ones?..
    cause I am using a conversion port and some how it sorta works with a regular playstation 2 controller. Downside is my triangle button wouldn’t work.

    Cause what it could be , And its a huge guess, might be incompatibility recognition…. its a huge guess though!

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