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    I just figured that we could talk about those coolio musics. Whether it’s on GBC or on DSi, they’re of great quality. Truly impresses me.

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    At the moment I’m building a list of great video game musics. One music per game, and I’m ending the GB/GBC list with Shantae. If anyone wants to help me pick a track, it would be much appreciated. 🙂

    Here’s what there’s left to choose in the Shantae GBC OST:

    Bandit Town
    Boss Battle
    Burning Town
    Day Travel
    Harbor Town
    Night Areas 2
    Risky Boots Battle
    Tinkerbot Boss Battle
    Zombie Town


    My vote goes to Day Travel. ^^ First heard it in RR, not the GBC original, but it’s stuck with me from both Shantae titles ever since!



    No water town on this list?! Preposterous! Water town and Zombie town are amazing, although all of the music in this game are great. Well if I can only choose from the list, then my vote goes for Zombie town.



    I wish there was a proper OST I could buy.



    I’d go for the boss theme. Boss themes always had been my favorite music in any OST….but if have to chose another track, I’ll go with the Day Travel one.



    No water town on this list?! Preposterous!

    I’ve been rushing the selection a bit, so I put out Water Town in favor of more “dancey” musics.

    Also I accidentely hit the Report button because it’s right next to the Reply button.



    Obvious choices aside i really like The Labyrinth of the Risky’s revenge soundtrack.

    As far as the original Shantae goes i’d have to go with Burning Town with Day Travel as a close second.



    Woah “Day Travel” seems to be quite popular within this small amount of people who replied ! I guess I’ll go with that as a pick. I may come back to ask your Risky’s Revenge favorite. But not right now.

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