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    I’ve had the weirdest **** bug that me and support are trying to work out. There’s a diagonal bit of screen tearing and artifacting whenever the screen scrolls, but it never appears on capture tech or in captured screen shots. I had to actually capture it via my cell phone since it wasn’t connected to my PC. Hoping that it gets worked out soon. For those who want to check it out in action, the video is below:



    I will post a response on this thread once we have updated the Steam version with steps to try out something that hopefully will prevent you from seeing this issue anymore.



    I also get this exact same problem. Diagonal screen tearing (plus additional regular screen tearing along with it). I’ve tried going through nvidia control panel and change various options, including vsync. Can’t get rid of it.

    mobilestudio pro 16
    windows 10
    16gb ram
    nvidia quadro m1000m 4gb

    I play plenty of other games on this quadro, including gta5, battlefield 1, overwatch, no problems. This is the only game that has this issue on my system.



    Hey Bahamut66 and SpacemanJupiter –

    We’ve just announced the release date for our Update will be on the morning of March 6th, 2017. If either of you are still encountering issues once the game has been updated, please attempt the following:

    1. Right click on the game and select Properties.
    2. Select “Set Launch Options”
    3. Enter “-vsync false” (without the quotations) in the box and
      select “Okay”.
    4. Exit the Properties and re-launch the game.

    That will disable vsync and may prevent the issues you have been encountering. If it didn’t or you wanted to re-enable v-sync you can simply change the text in Step 3 from “false” to “true“.



    Apologies for the lateness of this response. I was in the process of moving to Japan, which is where I am living now. I have tested Shantae and I am sad to say there are still some errors. Most of the artifacting is gone and the screen moving does not make me sick anymore, so improvement. I’ve actually been able to play the game. There is still a diagonal line which crosses the screen, however it seems to happen at random, as I have tried to replicate when it happens and while at times it replicates, other times it does not. I think this may be a driver issue with my Nvidia card(since I have a hybrid computer. That said, my drivers are up to date), but if the devs could look into it, it would be appreciated.



    I’ll pass this info to our Programmer to see if we can determine any cause for what you are seeing.



    Hello, I wrote a program to specifically try to correct this issue, It’s called “NVidia Optimus Fixer”. It hooks into programs, and uses a trick with GDI GetPixel to force waiting for vsync before a screen update, and this somehow fixes the diagonal tearing problem.

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