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    Inspired by the age-old Zelda 3-heart runs, I thought making a challenge to play the game with as few items as possible would increase the enjoyment and difficulty for these games. After doing the challenges once (I wouldn’t challenge you if I didn’t know it were possible), these are the rules as far as I see them:

    For Shantae (GBC):
    – 3 hearts. No heart holders.
    – No fighter gear.
    – No warp squids.
    – No warp dances.
    – No fireflies.
    – No animal attacks.
    – No spendable items, except small vials (Can only carry 3 at any time)
    – No Tinkerbat transformation.

    For Risky’s Revenge:
    – 3 Hearts (again).
    – No map.
    – No hair whip grades.
    – No pike ball or upgrades.
    – No crush puff (storm puff is necessary).
    – no split fire (fireball is necessary).
    – No warps.
    – No magic fill or attract Magic.
    – No Import Room prizes.
    – Max potions and vials is 3 each.
    – No Magic Jam.

    Experiment with this, and tell me if there is anything I’m missing that can be omitted, if I’m being too harsh on some parts or too lenient (like with the potion/vial max). Enjoy the challenge!

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