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    Welcome to the WayForums.

    Please post to this thread if you think a new forum should be created for a particular game or perhaps an interest we may not have thought of.  If we feel that there are enough topics to support a new forum, we’ll create the new forum for you to continue and create discussions in.

    Requests for new forums that are made to threads/posts outside of this one may be missed and will be considered off topic resulting in either deletion or relocation of the thread.

    Continued efforts to post requests outside of the marked threads may result in a temporary ban.  Thank you for your help in keeping the forums tidy!



    I’m about to go on a camping trip but I’ll make this request first. I looked into the Gaming Section and saw no Place for “Forum Games” which I’ve seen handled in many ways on many forums. Sometimes they are even given their own space of the forum that never adds to a Person’s Post-Count for writing in it. However you feel like handling them I think that Forum Games should perhaps have its own thread.

    In case someone reading this doesn’t know what a Forum Game is, I’ll quickly explain; they are games people play directly on a forum, these can be complex inter-woven Roleplays or very simple single-word to one sentence snippet posts. (Such as Two-Letters away, which is a game where the next player will make a word or phrase from the last player’s word or phrase by only removing/adding two letters but jumbling the order any way they see fit)



    @WaffleHamster Done! Have fun ^_^



    I feel we need a “Other WayForward Games” board, due to the lack of a dedicated place to talk about other WayForward titles. Such as:

    • Batman the Brave and the Bold.
    • A Boy and His Blob.
    • Wonder Momo: Typoon Booster.
    • Cat Girl Without Salad.
    • Bloculus VR.

    …or we could just get a forum for every WF game ever, but this might be more simple.


    Jan Pingel

    Moved the post editor and formatting related posts into its own thread.



    I think it would be great if we would have Forum for people who likes to review games.
    Now you might think “Don’t that drive traffic away from the site?” but I’d dare to claim that instead of driving traffic away, it would bring traffic in and give people a more reason to be active in these forums as well.

    I would really love to share the game reviews that I do with fellow Fowardists at these forums. And who knows, perhaps WayForward could even cut a deal with some reviewers where they would get a free game and in exchange they’d have to advertise Wayfoward for like 1 or 3 months or so?

    Just an idea.
    Anyways, Game Review Forum where people could get to post links to their reviews would be nice.

    Pretty please, Brianna? Thanks! XD



    Good morning. I would like to request a forum about the campaign for Shantae in smash and i know what you are going to say we already got one well this one is a little different, see I would like to use this forum to gather all the people who would like Shantae on smash for 2 main proposes.
    1 so we may coordinate a mass petition on the internet channels that boost the interest on game like, Honest Game Trailers, Lore In a minute, Smashified and so on.

    2 Do you remember the trailer of when Nintendo announced Palutena for this smash well… I do believe if we make a trailer video of that caliber for Shantae and we match that quality it may be able to make even the big guys at Nintendo take us seriously especially if it was a work make by the hands of fans and staff at the same time. This is the reason why I choose this forum of all the places on the internet.

    Please as soon as you create that forum I would go to reedit, Facebook, twitter, 8 chan, screwattack, and steam so we may start on this, who knows this may make the long shoot that is make her win the ballot not that impossible.
    Thank you for your time.



    This will most likely be a forum name change instead of a brand new forum, but fan games. As you guys do look forward… WayForward (lol) to what we make, I think this will a great addition to things for fans to publish. As long as they give the credit needed just like the art. The results of this being accepted or not is all fine by me. Other fans, I believe, will do the same thing. 🙂



    I’m going to be reaaal frank, I have no idea where else to put this question (and I don’t have Twitter) but I was wondering if you guys were considering making a Discord server, I wanted to ask Sophie, but it just felt wrong asking the MintPotion crew (Fantastic people BTW, love’em to bits) so I found the WF website and thought that was a good place to ask (unless if I’m totally wrong) which also brings up another suggestion, maybe a general question forum? Any way, back on subject, I would really like to see an official Discord server from you guys, I just feel like it would work, but it’s your decision and yours only, but if you did make one then you would see a lot more of me (just realized how that sounded XD) anyway, keep up the good work, and I’ll tell Ben I made this suggestion to see what the all mighty beard thinks.



    We don’t have any plans in the future to do a Discord, but if that changes, we’ll let you know!

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