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    It’s the 5.2 of february in germany ….if I start up my wiiu or 3ds will I see Shantae and the pirates curse?….. well only one way to find out

    It’s out…..its finally out ;___;
    oh what joy

    Bought it for the WiiU right now



    I bought it for my New 3DS and WOW, it is just amazing. I think this is maybe the most beautiful jump and run i’ve ever seen.

    The german translation for the vendor in the town seems to be made with google translate (and yes/no is not translated), wich is a bit strange because the other dialogues i had so far are very well translated.
    But this is just a very small negative point 🙂



    @eylaze1 What the heck are you talking about and stop scamming.



    rayman legends costume pack for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse! on wiiu and 3ds please



    I’m sorry if this has been asked before, which it probably has. But are you thinking about releasing these game son other platforms too?



    I totally agree with you Yazuka. I want to play whole Shantae games as Collection on my PS4. But i am not sure if all of Shantae games is exclusive to Nintendo.



    Late reply. But yeah, I would want the very same thing Mobin1.
    I’m not much of a PC gamer and I’m not totally in love with Nintendo’s account system, so I usually don’t buy stuff there.
    But would be great to see the games on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.



    Aaand It’s on Steam now. Awesome! Stealthy, but awesome!

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