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    I’m really looking forward to playing Risky’s Revenge, but is there any way to play the Original Shantae aside from an Emulator these days?
    I gather the original is worth several times it’s weight in gold by now and it’d be neat to see a port to modern consoles.

    (Though considering how long RR is taking I guess it might be more complicated than it would initially appear.)



    If you have a 3DS, Both Shantae and Risky’s Revenge are available off the eshop



    You would have to look at game shops that specialize in old game like NES, GBA etc. I got mine from such a store for around 8 dollars.



    Sadly, don’t have anything other than my PC and DSLite.



    I bought two copies on eBay several years ago for roughly what they were originally sold for in stores, but I think last time I checked the eBay sale price has skyrocketted. 🙁

    It’s too bad that the downloadable versions of the original don’t feature the GBA-exclusive Tinkerbat transformation you can get later in the game. I loved the running animation of that form.



    3DS version is readily available. It’s the way I finally managed to play it, missing some GBA bonuses, but they aren’t really necessary.



    Try to grab a 3ds in the future. Then grab the game. Support wayforward of you can. (You should have a 3ds anyways)

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