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    Is there going to be a PSTV version of S:HGH as according the following article, it has reportedly been dropped? If there will not be a separate PSTV version will the Vita version work on the PSTV?

    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Gets Delayed, Waves Goodbye to PS3 And Xbox 360



    We’ve confirmed that PSTV has been discontinued, so this is no longer a platform that we’re able to support.



    Whilst the Playstation TV has been discontinued it is a device which plays Playstation Vita games so there’s really no reason why you can’t make the Playstation Vita version PSTV compatible – unless the game uses the motion control sensors/camera/front and rear touchscreen (which seems highly unlikely for this game).

    Current new release titles for the Playstation Vita are being released compatible with the PSTV so there is no reason why you cannot support it.

    Could you please get this clarified; I’ve had this game on pre order for some time now and I will need to cancel if it’s not going to be PSTV compatible

    Thank You!



    Sorry, the confusion on our side was that the game did not support PS TV, not that Sony wasn’t supporting the system.

    We were working to make it the game PS TV compatible. Sadly had to drop it to make our date. Sorry for the confusion. Info on this topic was changing weekly. Which is why I got confused.



    Sorsha is there a possibility of whitelisting the game post-launch PSTV? At this point my pre-order has been cancelled but if you were able to test and whitelist Half Genie hero a few weeks or months down the line then I would have that to look forward to. Can you tell us the likelihood that might happen?



    There is currently no plans to port/whitelist the game to PSTV.



    That’s kind of heartbreaking to me since i’ve supported your games faithfully for years and i’ve been highly anticipating this game and telling my friends about it, however I respect your company’s decision. I guess I will have to wait for a 75% sale on the Steam version of Half Genie Hero before i’ll get to play it since you won’t release a physical copy of the game on PC even though it’s the same price.



    If you backed the game you can change your platform. Please do so. We want you to be able to play the game 🙂

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