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    This forum is looking like Charlie Brown’s limp Christmas tree. ;w;

    Did anyone enjoy this game as much as I did? This was the best DS game I ever played honestly. I picked up randomly at an anime convention years ago and never stopped playing. It outdid the rest of the games in the series for me.



    One of my favorite Contras as well, a premium blend of what made the classic games so great.

    A solid core game with all manner of weapons and characters with which to exact revenge aggressively.
    Unique challenge stages for those who really consider themselves a hero. And two classic Contra games, the cherries on the cake.

    Meh, I just figured it’s greatness went without saying : p



    To be honest, I played the game for all of 5 minutes… but only because the owner of the DS took it from me. Welp… time to see the prices on eBay…



    A lot of people call Contra 3 the definitive. I think this takes that title really.



    They’re both great games in their own right. Contra III always felt more like a straight-up boss rush similar to Alien Soldier, while Contra 4 is closer to the classic games with it’s meaty gauntlets of gunners between the big bads. Just depends on what flavor of awesome you’re in the mood for



    I do feel that the bosses were fun, but…too easy in 4. The stages themselves were brutal, but I took out Black Viper with a standard pea shooter on hard mode.

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