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    As you might guess, usually special playing cards like Pokémon, Magic the gathering, Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters and huwaaah… You name it… Are pretty difficult and or if nothing else then expensive to come by.

    But you know what you can get for like 2 bucks and 48 of ’em? Regular playing cards. Now sure, usually the games that you play with those cards are things such as poker or solitaire but what if we tried to play something liiiiittle bit more exciting with them? Like… Card Fight Vanguard? Yeah sure, you could possibly try to apply this to Yu-Gi-Oh as well but rules of that game are so confusing and broken that not even the masters of the game understand them so in this case, Card Fight Vanguard it is.

    I presume not many of you are very popular with the game so I’ll explain the rules as briefly and as well as I can. Both players need full deck of their own. One deck can also be shared if there is only one deck available though results may vary wether it works or not. Haven’t tried to play this with shared deck my self.

    You have 3 different level of cards. Cards 1-5 are level 1 cards. Cards 6-10 are level 2 cards. Cards 11-13 + Jokers are level 3 cards.

    Both players have front and back lines. Front lines represent attack line and back lines present boost line. There are 3 slots in both front and back line which means, there can only be 6 cards in total in field at once.

    To make this easier, I’ll give a small visual demonstration.

    ¤ = Represent emphty slot 1 = Represents level 1 card 2 = Represents level 2 card 3 = Represents level 3 card

    Your field looks like this.



    When both players start the game, both must pick up 5 cards. Players must have Level 1 card at hand. If player doesn’t have level 1 card at hand, he draws 5 cards again until he gets at least one level 1 card.

    Once both players have picked their level 1 card, they insert it in to middle of the front line.



    That is their starting card. After that, both players suffle their deck and pick another 5 cards. After that, players can choose their method of who goes first. Let it be coin toss, Rock paper scissor or just mutual understanding.

    During first turn the player who goes first takes a card from his deck and he can choose one front line attacker and one back line booster. Back line boosters can only be level 1 cards so maxium boost you can give your front line is 5 attack points at best. Player may only use level 1 cards during this turn. Player also cannot attack during this turn so once he has placed two cards in to battle field, he must quit his turn.

    11¤ or 11¤

    ¤1¤ 1¤¤

    Now it’s time for player 2. She gets to pick a new card to her hand from the deck. It’s the same deal as for player one but during second player’s turn, she gets only to use level 1 cards and choose if she attacks either middle “aka: main” card or side card. If she decides to attack middle card, she has a chance to deal 1 point of damage to other player. Or if she decides to attack side card, she has a chance to remove that card completely.

    Number in card represents that cards attacking and defensive power. If attacking card’s number is equal or higher, attack goes through. If defending card’s number is equal or lower than attacking card’s power, it fails to defend against the attacker. Booster cards that are in back line can raise one unit’s attacking power that is in front of them once per round. But they cannot boost frontal units defensive power so in order to protect yourself, you need to use either cards with higher number from your hand or side units in order to deflect the incoming attack. It is highly suggested that you only use your side units as a last resort to defend your frontal middle card. All of the cards you defend with, will go in to your drop zone. These cards cannot be used again.

    You have 5 points of damage in total. If you take 6 points of damage to your frontal middle unit you lose.

    This is where trigger units come in. All Level 1 cards are trigger units. In another words, they don’t only help you to boost your attack power, they also help you to win the match while you are attacking or defending against the enemy.

    During getting hit.

    1 = If you get damaged, pick two cards from the deck. 2 = If you get damaged, Heal 1 point of damage.

    These two cards are your lucky charms during the match. Rest of the cards don’t hold any special recovery powers. If player 1 gets damaged, he has to drop the card he picks up to a damage zone.

    After player 2 has attacked, she must end her turn and then it’s time for player 1 again.

    During turn 3 Player 1 gets to to ride level 1 card with level 2 card “6-10” and fill all of his empty slots with cards he seems worthy. In order to ride, player must put level 2 card on top of the level 1 card. During this turn, player may choose to attack with two front line units. Back seat can still only use level 1 cards to boost unit in front of them. During this turn, if player has a level 2 in the middle of the front line units, player gets to pick up a card during his attack turn. If attacking player get’s level 1 card, he gets one of the triggers as follows.

    1 = If you get this card, you get two pick two cards from your deck. 2 = If you get this card, you heal 1 point of damage. 3 = If you get this card, you get stand trigger. One of your side cards may attack again during this turn. 4 = If you get this card, you deal 2 points of damage. 5 = If you get this card, you will get to choose which ever front line card which you’d like to give 5 more attack points for during it’s next attack.

    Your deck should look something like this.

    222 or 212

    111 111

    Turn 4 During this turn, player 2 gets to do the same as player 1 did. With an exception that she gets to attack 3 times during one turn instead of 2. With side units and with a middle unit. But only during with middle frontal unit attack the player can raise a card from his deck and check out if she got a trigger to boost her attacking abilities or not. Naturally, opposing player gets to raise one card from the deck as well to see if he gets any special benefits from it. The player who deals the damage has to show the card to her opponent but she gets to keep the card after that.

    Turn 5 During this turn, player 1 gets to ride level 3 card assuming he has ridden level 2 card first. After player 1 has used level 3 card to boost his frontal middle he also has a chance to use level 3 cards to his sides. But this is the turn where special attacks of cards come in. Player has an option to use one level 3 card and two level 2 card special attacks per turn. In order to execute level 2 special attacks you need to be damaged by 2 points. In order to use level 3 special attacks you need to be damaged by 1 point.

    If you choose to use a special attack, you turn one or two cards from your damage zone around. The cards turned around cannot be used again until you get a heal trigger which will replace one of the used cards.

    At this point, your side should look like this. 232 or possibly 333 111 111

    The special attacks you get are 6 = Attack: turn two damage cards and boost one of the attacking cards by 5 points. 7 = Turn two damage cards and pick two cards from your deck to your hand. 8 = Attack: turn two damage cards and remove one card from opposing player’s back line. 9 = Attack: turn two damage cards and give a new attack turn for one front line cards. 10 = Attack: turn two damage cards and Only level 1 cards can defend against your attack, jokers are also eliminated.

    11 = Attack: turn one damage cards and remove one of the side cards from opposing player’s side. 12 = Attack: turn one damage cards and prevent both of the side cards from being used to defend and attack for one turn. 13 = Attack: turn one damage cards and give one of your side cards a new attack round.

    Turn 6

    From this point on, it’s all out rumble. You may choose which level 3 card suits your style the best wether you want to attack alot or just lock enemy’s units in place and be a huge hindrance towards to him. What side cards you use also plays a huge role during your strategy against your enemy and it may help you to turn tables around real fast. You can ride any card over your previous card to suit your needs but once you’ve ridden one card, the previous card cannot be called back in to field again so choose your moves carefully.

    That’s basically the rules in a nutshell.

    So, what do you guys think? What would you change? What do you think are the flaws and what do you think should be changed? Would you add in any additional rules or would you drop some of the rules? Specifically when it comes to special attacks, do you think they’re fair or do you think there should be changes in there?

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