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    WayForward has teased Mighty Switch Force 3 on their Twitter and a pretty neat Patricia Wagon ID on their Facebook. So far, we know that the setting is in Tangent City Academy with Patricia Wagon as one of the students, so maybe a prequel of some kind before she took on the role of a Policewoman and a Firefighter?

    What’s everyone’s overall impression on this. I know the popular fan suggestion was to have a hospital setting, but after thinking about the settings and characters a bit more, I think the decision to have Patty and potentially the Hooligan Sisters all attending the same academy could be really fun.

    Who knows, maybe this could all be hinting at a spinoff game, similar to MSF: Hose it Down.



    Sounds reasonable. I imagine it would be alot of fun. Though I confess, im craving some story with this series. I want to know what Patricia is like~ What the deal is with the hooligan sisters~<br />
    So if its a game with more story than the previous titles in the franchise, I will be quite pleased. Though I confess, it might just be that my eagerness for Shantae to be released has me craving some of the fun humor of that series, and has me hoping to see more of it elsewhere.



    I’m just here to make a little correction, way after the game has been fully released:

    It’s MSF 1.5, NOT 3.

    Thanks, i’m out.


    How come there’s no intro to the game



    I’m not sure what you mean? There is an intro for the game in the 1st level 😀

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