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    Can coming out a new chapter from this series? (sorry for my bad english but i coming from italy 😛 )



    It’s something I could definitely picture. Miss Wagon’s already fought crime and fires, why not one more go as a Medic?
    Battling viruses with a TF2-style syringe gun and saving the Hooligan Sisters from an unknown illness? ^ ^;

    It could use something to set itself apart from the other two besides the cosmetic change: new mechanics and blocks, or a level editor perhaps



    Wow, you’re the Zenox who collaborates with Twisted Wind on deviantArt, eh? :3 Cool to see ya here~

    Anyhow, I too would be fully on board with this, particularly in a medical direction – as Nai asserted, an extra or expanded mechanic would do well, if it were to come to light. MSF!2 was fairly ace, yet it didn’t resonate as strongly as MSF!1 – so – perhaps the goal would be to implement a more straightforward & less parabolic element, with perhaps even greater emphasis on combat! Water tends to gravitate toward the parabolic, that rascal. XD



    Maybe this time Patricia can help the Hooligan Sisters, and wow XD in don’t except be “famous” XD



    I was also thinking along the lines of what Nai255 and Tekaramity mentioned as it makes the most logical sense in considering her previous rescue related professions. I was thinking she would be a Paramedic and her robot would be outfitted to look like a ambulance fighting viruses and the like attempting to infect the world. The giant syringe gun also reminds me of the Nurse/Virus stage in Elite Beat Agents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPCT3eZjWJA





    I think of all the microscopic things I’d want in my body, ugly dogs are low on the list.



    I like the idea of a medic/EMT, but as a wrench, they could have the Hooligan sisters be nurses you pick up and then drop them off wherever you find patients (all with amusing injuries or colds).



    I’d rather the Mighty series go back to being a series of unique one-offs. I’m hoping that once the Shantae games are finished, Wayforward goes back the Mighty series as I feel like there hasn’t been much passion for the series since Milky Way.



    Hm, 3 was described as being “high-octane” – maybe she becomes a soldier! Or perhaps a stealth spy like Solid Snake.

    A very…wide-hipped…female…Solid Snake.



    I think it would be really interesting to have a somewhat more stand-alone entry in the series, maybe a little more Megaman-esque game with longer levels, bosses, maybe some slight Shantae-ish plot and character interaction, basically flesh out the universe and game scope a little more while still retaining the switching puzzle element and time-based challenges.

    Maybe I’m just looking into the whole ”high-octane action game” thing a little too much.



    Personally I kinda wish they had just added more content to the first game (because it was very light on it, and was so dang good). I think MSF2 should have at most been a 2 or 3 dollar expansion.

    I’d like to see them make a new game for their next full Mighty game, rather than have them release another MSF with not nearly enough levels.

    Though I do like that medic idea…



    I talked with Jake Kaufman about this when he was in town recently for a performance, and he said the best thing we can do is remind Voldi Way of how much we love this series, and would love to see another game in it. WayForward is currently all hands on deck with Shantae: Half Genie Hero, but apparently another Mighty game has been something that has been mentioned around the office.

    Basically, if you’re on twitter, remind Voldi Way (@voldiway) that you love the mighty series and would love to see a new one soon. Also, feel free to contact WayForward through regular channels such as their support email address (support@wayforward.com) to encourage the idea and tell them what the Mighty series means to you. Being a person that has spent an extensive amount of time with the series, and WayForward games as a whole, I have nothing but love for the work this company puts forth, and I would personally love to see my favorite series (move aside Shantae) get another game in it.



    It is definitely a great series. But we also have to remember that MSF2 was pretty similar to the first one, perhaps a little to much so. Maybe addition of new levels through DLC to the existing ones would be much better. Or maybe even an entirely new game in the Mighty series if the employees feel exceptionally pumped about it.



    Well, they COULD turn their much beloved April Fool’s joke (Cat Girl Without Salad) into the next Mighty game. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.



    Mighty switch force was a fun game. When I got a nintendo 3DS. The aqua blue one. That I reserved at gamestop.
    I remember it was one of the first games to be released on the 3DS eshop.

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