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    Ok, I’m McSteel and I’m new here, but I hope this will work out fine.
    I have been trying several kinds of artistics ever since I was a kid.
    Games have always made me interested to seek insperations and I find Shantae to be one of those games.
    During my years in senior high school when I studied to become a carpenter with specialty in furniters, I made most of my efforts to improve my artistical skills.
    To show you something more game related, I have made this a few days ago in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and everyone are free to scan the pattern to their games. ^^<br>
    Lamp of Shantae<br>

    Besides the slight digital art I can, I make a lot of hand drawn images as well and always interested to try out something new.
    In the last few years I have been practicing on using different kinds of techniques for molding.
    I yet haven’t done anything related to Shantae, but here’s an example what I have done which is game related.<br>
    Any tin gem perhaps?<br>

    Anyhow, I always am interested to try something new and soon enough I will be ready for more advanced kinds of art and handcrafted objects.
    So look forward to something in the future. =)



    This is all amazing 😀 I love the lamp painting in Animal Crossing soooo much!



    Feels great to have such appreciation and interest in the stuff I make.
    And as I said earlier, you are free to use this in your Town in AC:NL.
    Also, if you like to visit my Town you can Always ask for my friend code by a note. =)



    Btw, the character in your avatar.
    She’s in the Movie Willow, right? I have a faint memory about that movie.



    Yep! It’s Sorsha from Willow!



    Just making a short announcement.
    I have prepared equipment last weekend, so in about 2 weeks I will be able to work with aluminium and brass.
    I’m already planning to make Shantae related items, but if any of you have any suggestions I should try out, feel free to leave a comment here, and I will think about it.

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