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    I just wanna start setting up an Fighting Game-related topic regarding about Marvel vs Capcom series for the FGC around here. Now then, let’s get started. I first started playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PSVita which was the first game that I’ve bought. Though, I’ve known Marvel vs Capcom 2 when there was arcades back in US. Right now, I lived in Yokosuka of the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan for three years now. I still have the game with me and.. .I kinda rarely play it since I’ve been playing Street Fighter V alot. But, when that Playstation Experience 2016 started. I was shocked that Capcom were able to bring back Marvel vs Capcom series to it’s roots. I even seen the gameplay at Capcom Cup livestream and it reminds me of Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Street Fighter x Tekken based on a 2 VS 2 fighter. However, the game uses infinity stones (which was previously introduced in Marvel Super Heroes back in 1995 as Infinity Gems). Right now, I’m still excited to see Mega Man X and Captain Marvel introduced in MvC Infinite of how they play. Anyways, I’ll leave the link to the information if you want to check it by pressing this link of the text. Feel free to talk about the game and it’s series.

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