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    @Ndayday Hi there! Don’t know if I’m recognizable or not by my avatar, but I’m also a Smashboards regular! Which boards do you moderate, out of curiosity?



    Actually recognize your name, I mod the welcome center (basically the equal of this thread) and used to mod the Smash 4 boards but taking a break from that. cool to see you around!



    Hi Voldi, et al.
    I remember your offices across from the movie theater way back when I took Flash programming lessons from Ray, Shereef and others and snuck a few of you in. Knew Jeff Campeau from high school, and Rob Alvey from working at six flags. So glad to see you all doing so well, glad I could back Shantae.
    No subforums for older games? I think Pyst needs discussion… : )
    Anyway, pleased to meet everyone on the forum as well.



    Hello everyone, my name is ParasiteBirth, I’ve begun gaming at the age of 4 with the very first Mega Man game on the NES, I’ve been a dedicated and maniac fan of the franchise ever since, I later started playing Metroid, Castlevania, Punch Out, sorry if I sound ballistic but any classic you can think of, Yes, I’ve played it.

    I’ve always loved difficult games, I’m fond of difficult games, I mainly play fighting games, platformers and Bullet Hell games, I’m a masochist and difficultoholic.. I play a lot of I wanna be the guy and other games from that series, I also started learning programming on my free time because it is something I’d like to make a career out of.

    WayFoward seduced me with BloodRayne Betrayal, I used to be Japanese-Games-Only and had Zero, total ZERO faith in non-japanese games until I saw a friend of mine on PSN play the demo for something called ‘BloodRayne : Betrayal’ I instantly remembered the name from the PS2 classics I saw someone play as a kid.

    Got me curious, thought I’d give it a try, and …. Boom, the magic happened, I quickly noticed I was playing a game made by passionate and epic people, people I could relate to, who love side scrolling and classic, difficult, challenging and punishing games with epic an soundtrack, I couldn’t believe it, a Non-Japanese company that delivered exactly what I wanted out of a video game ? I instantly rushed to buy the full version right after playing through the demo a few times and I beat the game on 1 sitting, Yes, I enjoy it that much.

    My mind being blown, I HAD to send those guys a message, just to tell them how much I am in love and how much I admire their work, I have really high respect for their games.

    Then came Double Dragon … and then I got Aliens : Infestation …. and other games like Contra 4 …. you guys know the drill.

    WayFoward is no doubt my favorite developpers out there, I can feel their passion through playing their games and I am a giant fan of how cruel and difficult the games can be, imagine if they made a Mega Man or Battle Toads game ?

    AAaaaanyway, I’m a masochistic dweeb spending most of his time hidding behind a keyboard who plays games and makes some too, I work on challenge videos on YouTube quite often, I’m a visual artist, writter and voice actor on my free times.

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw WayFoward finally had forums, a dream come true !

    I’ve been working on reaching Rank #1 in BloodRayne : Betrayal for quite a while now … it’s so difficult, every moment is enjoyed to the bone. Mediumrare13 is the #1 right now and he is one skilled gamer, I follow his examples in his youtube videos and try to be as good as him, most of my ranks so far on every stages are A and B ranks but I’m getting there.

    Aaaanyway without getting off topic too much, please to be here, pleasure to meet you guys, and thanks for reading that long into what seemed to be a never ending introduction.



    It is nice to see all kinds of different people in here who seems to have quite similar passion and hobbies. 🙂
    I am also happy that Wayfoward made these forums “It’s a wee bit too bright though… >_o” so I can chat among Wayfoward fans and show my support towards to Wayfoward and it’s employees.

    Oh, also by on my behalf; Welcome to the forums everyone!

    Let’s us dance together to celebrate the existence of this awesome company.
    enter image description here




    I am Ninkobra (it’s best if you don’t ask why the name). I am an aspiring writer who will one day wow the world with a fantastic saga! But on the meantime, I’m a gamer, a hard worker in whatever odd job I find, and future professional computer guy.

    I first knew of WayForward proper with A Boy and His Blob. Having played the NES original, I was intrigued there was a remake. It did not disappoint. And thus I learned the name WayForward, although I knew of Shantae as early as winter 2001 with a preview in Tips & Tricks magazine, though to my eternal shame, I didn’t grab a copy when I had the chance. But that’s where my 3DS becomes handy, though.

    Here’s to a great time together here.



    I’m Throwa_fishbone, an every-man.

    My favorite WF games are probably originals like Shantae, Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force, Mighty Milky Way – haven’t played too much else besides Bloodrayne. I really like the spritework in WF games. For a while, I’ve liked RPGs. Hey WF, let me tell you, you should make a Shantae RPG! I also like fighting games. Hey WF, let me tell you, you should make a Shantae fighter! I also like shooters, but I don’t think that’s going to work out. Anyway my first experience with a WF game was on a handheld and I actually quite prefer handheld gaming. It’s got the accessibility and the energy source independence I like a lot. Nintendo re-releasing Mario games gen after gen on handheld devices might seem cheap to some, but the main idea, platform gaming (as well as RPGs) on portable systems, I really think is a great idea. I’m glad WF decided to make both the new Shantae games available on the handhelds.
    Nice to meet you too.



    Good to see the forum is full of interesting people 🙂 Hi all my name is Aristides (it’s my actual middle name) and I live in Puerto Rico, nice to meet you all. I’m a full time indie developer, I work on design & programming and I’m also a pixel artist( I also do vector art which I’m starting to get pretty good at) . I used to work on mobile/web games but I broke off that to work on my own projects.

    I love Japanese/Japanese inspired games particularly RPGs and Visual Novels, I also love everything retro and I’m a huge classic SEGA fan. I love WayForward because as you can see their projects are a combination of everything I like in a game ^_^. If I ever decide to work at a real game studio, I would love to work at WayForward.

    Hope to have lots of fun with you guys 😉



    Hiya! I already know so many of you! Some of you may or may not know me as Joey Burns or my alias “yoshilite”. I also started up and mod the WayForward subreddit, which now seems obsolete :/. Oh well. I’m also the Senior Editor at Always Nintendo. I’m looking forward to making some new friends!



    Hey everyone! The name’s Frosty! It’s nice to meet cha all! ^^

    I haven’t been a WayForward fan for long, but when my fiance Tek showed me Shantae one day, I loved her design and knew immediately that I wanted to play her games! So far I’ve only played through the second Shantae game and the first Mighty Switch Force! game (well, almost…Incident .16 is beating my butt…) but I LOVE them! They’re so fun! My previous gaming experience has really only been Nintendo games like Pokemon and Smash Brothers. I also have been playing more games on Steam like AudioSurf, Shatter, and a few Visual Novel games. ^^ I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do like to play once in a while~

    As for other facts about me, I’m a 20-year-old female student studying animation in California and I love to draw animals and cute anime girls. In my free time I enjoy chatting on Skype and doodling pictures as well as watching various anime. I consider myself a fairly open person to talk to, so please don’t hesitate to message me for a chat! ^^ I might take a while to respond, but I will try my best to get back to you!

    Hmmm what else…you can also find me on other places on the web like DeviantArt, YouTube, and Tumblr. Looking forward to getting to know all of you! ^^ \o/



    I guess I’ll put a thing or two about myself out there.
    I’m a huge video game person, I fancy myself a collector, but I feel like it’s lacking in the classics department. My favorite Genres tend toward JRPGs and Platofrmers (both 2D and 3D)

    I had heard about wayforward a little after both mighty games were live on the e-shop for DSi, I didn’t have a wii or DSi at the time, so I didn’t really get to try their stuff until I picked up a 3DS.

    In my free time I also enjoy watching anime, and playing TCGs. (I’m into Pokemon TCG right now, but I’m also interested in getting into WeiB Schwarz and cardfight vanguard.)

    Otherwise I’m a community college student, and a part time worker, so I don’t get as much time to participate in any of my hobbies as much as I’d like. Sometimes I doodle in notebooks while I’m studying so maybe if I end up drawing something WF related I’ll post it.

    Nice meeting you all!



    I go by plenty of different usernames on gaming forums/accounts (especially usernames with the word “Smash” in it), but here I decided to go with Game_Boy_Forward…although now that I went with it, I realized that is a long name, though I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

    I currently own every 7th and 8th gen gaming system (except XOne and a gaming PC x_x), though I consider myself much more of a Nintendo fan then the other 2 companies. I’ve become a huge Wayforward fan ever since I bought Risky’s Revenge, which I first heard about thanks to it having a Warioware microgame 😛 From there I grab pretty much any WayForward original that came out on the eshop/dsiware shop, and I always look out for any other games they work on.

    As for IRL…I just finished High School last week, and have 2 months of freedom before I head to college.

    Glad to join other WF fans here!



    I am Chuckman315 , I usually frequent the Capcom Unity forums. I originally bought the first Shantae game because it was interesting and I enjoyed playing it. I bought the sequel and enjoyed it as well. Shantae easily became one of my favorite characters ( second to Felicia from Darkstalkers ) I’m looking forward to pirate’s curse and half genie hero.



    Jeez, lots of artsy types. I kinda feel a lot less special now, heh.

    ClexYoshi reporting in! I’m a lazy person who occasionally mashes a stylus against a tablet for 8 hours and colorful messes happen.

    To keep things brief, I saw Shantae in a 2002 issue of Nintendo power or something, and actually had a chance to get a copy! i stupidly chose Wario Land 4 instead though and feel like a real winner for that one! 😀

    I used to have copies of Sigma Star Saga and Contra 4, but my friends lifted those because I was a naieve little person and tried showing kindness to people who were had zero scruples with treating me terribly. I do have a pretty good track record of collecting digital copies of Wayforward’s games at least?

    Regardless, Matt Bozon and the rest of the wayforward crew’s work has inspired a lot of my own scribbles quite a bit, and I cannot count the number of times just blasting Virt’s music into my ear drums has saved my sanity from various tedium throughout the years of my young adult life.



    Hello, I’m Ciro.

    Like ParasiteBirth here I’ve begun gaming at the age of 4, but with an N64 instead. Probably the first game I ever played was Banjo-Kazooie, which is one of my favorite games. I also played a lot of Game Boy, PSOne and SNES during my childhood. For that reason I like older games rather than new ones, something that sounds strange for someone at my age.

    I discovered WayForward by playing Shantae, later by playing DuckTales Remastered. This night I decided to go to WayForward Wikipedia page for some reason, then I saw it had an website, then I saw it had an forum. I thought it was inactive at first, but then I realized most posts weren’t 2 days old.

    I’m also interested in making games and I know some programming, mostly ActionScript.

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