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    Hello there, I’m Basty.
    I am a musician, pixel and traditional art artist and I also used to make games too with Game Maker so if you are interested in any of these areas and need some advice I’ll be glad to help when ever I can.

    I also make youtube videos such as let’s plays ‘n random rants and cooking videos by time to time.

    Pleased to meet you.



    Hello, I’m Rey D !
    I am a hobbyist artist, mostly on traditional drawings and pixel arts.
    I do have some other interests that I have not invested much time in yet, though.

    Studying programming currently.

    Hope we get along !



    I’m Gin Yeoman, I also go by Jack.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I work in security. I’ve done everything from mall cop work to body guarding for the rich and famous. I’m currently switching careers to something less dangerous and with more reasonable hours to pursue my hobbies and hopefully turn them into a job. I enjoy video games, pen and paper role playing games and music.

    My friends and I are currently working on our own video game was well, but at the moment we are in the basics of conceptualization and design so there’s not much to go by so far other than it’s an RPG (maybe?).

    Besides video games I’m into dirt track racing, lucha libre and building computers.



    Hi there, I’m AxHell.

    Right now I’m studying computer science but I’ll change for language studies in order to become translator or English teacher. I live in France, I’m 21 years old.

    I love video games, it’s my main hobby with reading books, drawing and going out with friends. My favorite genre is RPG with the Shin Megami Tensei Serie as my favorite game serie.
    I also like music mainly Rock and Roll, classic and Jazz. I don’t like RAP even if there are some really good musics.

    And aside from being a huge cat lover and banana hater…that’s all I see I can say about myself.

    If you want to talk with me, you can ask for my Skype or Steam. I’ll be happy to have you as a friend !

    I hope we get along !



    I’m XoPachi. I draw cute girls.



    Hallo, ihr alle. 😀

    I am Paragon-Yoshi. And as you can surely tell, I am german.
    I am also proud backer of 1/2 Genie Hero and co-admin of a Shantae-themed forum.

    Nice to be on board.
    Auf gutes Gelingen! 😛



    My name is Vandaeron.

    I love casually playing co-op games with others. Sometimes i can get super-serious into them, but it’s not likely. I don’t have the free time for that.

    I sleep a lot, due to issues with fatigue. When I’m not sleeping, I’m usually preparing dinner or at work. On days off from work, I desperately cling to the small shreds of a life that I still have. My job is boring, but it gets me money. Hopefully I can kill off my student loans soon. Then I can actually save up for cool stuff like a good bed, good kitchen stuff, a good computer… And so on.

    In the free time I don’t have, I am a programmer. I have a small handful of video game projects I’m “focusing” on right now, and they are all my perfect little babies, even though progress on them has been very slow due to lack of time or inspiration. Maybe one day I’ll finish something, and it’ll be cool. Maybe not.

    Oh well. I truly and sincerely love each Shantae game to come out so far, the whole Mighty series, and Sigma Star Saga. I want to get more WayForward games, but I probably wouldn’t have the time to play them anyway.

    Also, I am amazing and the coolest person ever, when I can actually be around.



    I am Yeshua, but you can call me Yexx 😀

    I am from Brazil, i work with Front End Development, and actually getting me degree on Graphic Design.

    As a huge fan from Legend of Zelda series (I even have a tattoo!) I love adventure/action games.



    I’m Demetirus! I’m a software developer in Canada and have been gaming since I was old enough to insert a disk into my old 8086 (though I hesitate to call some of that gaming). I draw a bit on the side, but I spend most of my free time gaming with my friends. 🙂



    Name’s Writer’s Blah. Nice to meet all you Forwardists!

    I’m a young guy from Miami who has a strong penchant for gaming. Nintendo’s my personal favorite company, though I’ve recently been heavily supporting indie devs as well. Also a huge animation buff; Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daria, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are all my favorite shows. I currently attend a local university (FIU, for those wondering) and I’m currently studying Information Technology, though my dream in life is to become a writer for a television series, hopefully even creating (and writing for) my own one day. I currently have a sci-fi dramedy with two female leads being written as a novel right now, and hopefully I’ll be able to go somewhere with that.

    Also (obviously) a huge fan of both the Shantae and Mighty Switch Force series. Can’t wait to see where this fandom ends up going!



    hello everyone!

    my name is paul and i’m a gamer psycho mercenary who will kill you at the drop of a hat. and hats drop easy in this ****** up world. i also study engineering and i’m 100% gluten free (this is your cue, ladies)

    can’t wait to become special friends with all of you



    Hey, how goes it? I’m Nai255, or Ian if you like.
    I’m a pretty laid-back person who enjoys a little of everything: gaming, walking, doodling, and impersonations.
    Been following WayForward ever since the days of Xtreme Sports back on the GBC, and it’s good to see an official forum after all this time.

    I’m somewhat of a shy guy, but I still hope to sink some time into here and relax with fellow fans. Thank you!



    Hey everybody, my name is Mike Harvey.

    I’m a freelance illustrator with a wide variety of styles and programs (mostly Adobe). I’m also a comic artist and animator. I have worked on a few games, including WayForward’s Mighty Switch Force 2. I’m Adobe Certified in Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6 and I’m currently learning Toon Boom Studio for animation.

    I enjoy making WayForward fan art whenever I have the time.



    Hiya, I’m Tek, gamer from birth and multi-faceted tech operator. Definitely a devoted WF fan who’s glad to witness the emergence of the WayForums at last! I’m also devoted to my future wife, Frosty, and I savor a plethora of anime and other video games. ^^ Great to spot a couple folks I’ve met before! Anticipating all the days to come, here~



    WF fans are a cool bunch. Even if I don’t know any of you guys right off the bat I love reading this stuff for some reason!

    I’m Nday, currently going to school to get basics out of the way and really struggling knowing what to throw myself into next. For the summer I’ve sold my soul to the devil AKA work. Joining a video game forum for an indie game company might be indication but I love games a lot. I’m blessed with tolerance and fascination of pretty much every type of game but primarily dedicate myself to Nintendo and PC with some of my favorite series being Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing and Metroid…I would even throw the Mighty series into this, there’s something just so incredible about all those games, from the moment I’ve played them casually I was hooked. In terms of internet if anyone at all has heard or seen me around it would be because I do speedruns of MSFHDE or as a member of Smashboards where I moderate (Smash Bros. 4 will be incredible and I look wayforward to playing with you guys hopefully)

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