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    I didn’t really get to experience Mighty Switch Force! Academy’s multiplayer, but I think adding these parallel modes as an extra might be a great idea for many games in the upcoming future, adding another layer of replayability, sharing and just fun to their games.

    M.S.F. Academy did a great job on this adding direct support and incentives to multiplayer in both coop and VS., but can we expand this to other titles?

    If their HBundle exclusive Cat Girl Without Salad does become a main IP, would you like to see coop / race / score VS. / PVP ?

    Even a Co-Op campaign for 1/2 Genie Hero if you do have multiple unlocked characters (DLC) would be pretty fantastic IMO.

    What are your opinions?



    Co-op mode in a Shantae game would be awesome.
    I don’t give a tinkerbat about balancing since the point of co-op is just to have fun, not to worry how fast enemies die.
    Heck, simpliest way to balance the game would be to give enemies and bosses like 1.5 or 2 times more health they normally have or just add in a difficulty level.

    Hopefully, once Half Genie Hero 1 will have all of it’s DLC content released, HGH 2 will have a Co-op mode where you can have a friend to participate with your quest to take down what ever evil villain our cute little Half Genie will have to face next.

    Too many game devs worry about “balancing” the game even though many early nintendo and sega IPs were completely broken “Especially Sonic 2 with tails…” but still fun as whole Uncle Scrooge’s money bin to dive at.

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