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    Hello there. I am the representative of my friend and partner Jkalsop. We work on this principle – I come up with idea, and he makes. And of corse – we also made arts with Shantae. Which also can great ideas for next games. And there is some.
    I personally think – next games in plan of gameplay (for Shantae) should mix of traditional gameplay and from Pirate Curse. I mean – have Genie magic and use sword and pistol, but not usual. Also using bunch of magical items, like jewel in tiara as third eye. And in plan of art style becoming more realistic (with growing up up in plan of story), like this:
    enter image description here

    And for what those stones on bracelets? Well, for this:

    enter image description here
    This is Elemental Stones. Which give Shantae power of using elements. Fire stone, electric stone, ice stone, leaf, water, etc. She can use as from puzzles in dungeons, and fight against of enemies. And for this also need sword and pistol. With fire stone sword become fire stone, with electric stone – electric stone, etc. Same with pistol. In standard suit she can use 2 stones. But after getting princess suit (as prize for first completing game) she can use 4 stones (one more motivation for playing in this suit 🙂 ):
    enter image description here
    Where is all for now with Shantae arts. Soon more.



    ok this art is fantastic! you honestly really know how to draw and i applaud you for making such great fanart! i bet Matt Bozon would love it!



    Awesome work!



    enter image description here

    There is new art with new idea. With Sky, most usual from Shantae’s gang. And she make herself a special girl, with those homemade wings for flying. She is now – Sky the Human Angel!

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