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    uncle : sigh..i didnt want to talke about it..but you must know.
    shantae: ?

    uncle : long ago Ginny stays with people help each other but some ginnes hate human that first reason is
    “why should we help them we are superior than humans we can rule them why we help them?”

    shantae: that ginne’s are monster!!

    uncle : listen to me they had cause initially some ginnes also are help people but some humans want to useing thier power
    and humans fall out to greed then some ginnes think humans are insufficient and greedy!!
    at first some ginnes think that but after time most of ginnes think like that ..
    and happen to war of human vs ginne..

    shantae: that is terrible

    uncle: well.. do not cut to my talk just listem to me

    shantae: ok.. sorry

    uncle: at first human are very struggle almost ginne’s win but
    ther other way some ginnes are think “we.. should do war?? we are misunderstanding humans? it is.. to violent.. and evil.. stop this war in short time
    true evil appear ginnes are tremble with fear! the same humans they are just run away but nothing different about run away..
    most of ginnes are continuously tremble with fear
    but humans are fight first they struggle by the way some good ginees are impression by humans courage that think humans need
    us so good ginnes cooperate humans then abnormality gradually win to true evils that is impressed other ginnes figth together
    then huamns and ginnes forhe an aliance they are overcome mutual weakness humans has high interlligence and ginnes are magical
    power in so doing they defeat true evil together… ginees be caused by this war.. they find enlightenment humans are good and
    have bad thing but humans are show us their possibility we are misapprehend humans.. truly insufficient are us..
    and ginnes really plitely apologize to humans and humans are forgive them aslo they apologize ..and ginnes request some huamns to
    “please make structure to capable of we long lives because humans are potential but that is not appear we live together
    but we want to help them we go asleep there and when another danger come find us then we must help you”

    the structure completion they sad there GINNE REALM.. most of ginnes are go there and slepp long time however some ginnes don’t slepp and watch humans

    shantae: why?

    uncle: beacaus humans has potentail but easy to fall into evil ways ginnes don’t want human fall into evil ways..
    but ginnes also has lifespan they are in need of keep thier will… and kind of ginnes are fall in love humans they married
    and give biryh to a baby.. the babys are “HALF GINNE HALF HUMAN” remaining ginnes beilve babys are keep thier well
    and ginnes depart to GINNE REALM time goes by the babys grow up and help people and we call them

    i don’t want to tell this legendary i’m sorry.. i just you grow up happily.. but time has come.. shantae you must find other half ginnes and going to ginne realm to get
    purity ginne power.. ture evil come again..

    well i m korean do not well english difficult to interpretation sorry but please read ****** i write this 2 hour

    i want to wayfoward make beheind storyline
    and.. character is overly cute..

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