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    I just edited WayForward’s logo with Shantae’s characters chibis and I think for a second, needing an answer. I will upload it, but after it, will I banned? or will I praised?



    Here’s the link of the image, because I don’t want to show it widely (Still afraid to show up)



    TO be fair, if your making a tribute to wayforward, then I don’t see any reason why they would banned you. IF they did try to, they would ask a warning or some sort of an advice. Best to keep safe is by hand drawing the wayforward sign or use vector png and slightly alter it!. You will be fine for that matter!



    As long as you don’t make any profit then there is no reason why they’d ban you.
    It’s not adult themed image, it’s not suggestive, you are not insulting anyone nor you are breaking any rules as far as I recall.

    You are just being paranoid about it. This is just fan art as far as they are concerned so don’t worry. Internet is more lax than you give it credit for. 🙂
    Plus WF team does usually warn you first if you do something wrong or something they deem controversial.

    As for the art itself. That’s pretty much how I got started back in the days. Good job on coloring and with the light source. Not too big on a chibi art my self but when you keep practicing you’ll get better over the time.

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