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    Would anybody be able to calculate Shantae’s height? To quantify measurements of creatures and monuments in Shantae’s universe, it would be massively beneficial to be able to use her height as a standard of measurement.

    One of the common ways one could gather this info is by finding some kind of standardized, to-scale object in-universe, that can be compared to Shantae to find her height. However, I can’t immediately think of any such standardized object that would appear in her games anywhere.



    From Half Genie Hero

    This might help a bit. That NPC was based on me, and I stand at 6’1” tall. The NPC seems to be wearing heels, so add at least another 2” to the height, putting it at 6’3”.
    With that, it should be possible to estimate Shantae’s height.



    Oh, that was you? Neat! I did get you that Monster Egg you asked for. πŸ˜›

    Anyways, uh, problem. I just ran the numbers and if your NPC self in this image stands at 6’3″, by comparison, Shantae would be a bit under 4 feet tall. Uh, there’s no way an around-16,-maybe-17-by-now young woman like her could be just shy of 4 feet tall.

    Many thanks for the suggestion, but it seems to me that your NPC self has an exaggerated height. If she were 6’3″, that’d mean every other NPC in the game is super short, as I don’t think any NPC even comes close in height. Except the Ammo Baron, of course. (And the Giga Mermaid. Who is the best character in the game, obviously.)



    Well, people back at that time weren’t the tallest of them all, but yeah, they might have exaggerated my height there to 7” or taller. πŸ˜›

    I always saw Shantae as tiny, but in the high 4’s or very low 5’s at the very least. Under 4 feet would be WAY too tiny.



    There’s reason to believe that they’re actually ahead of our current era. For instance, the relic Uncle Mimic refers to in the bad ending in this game. If this object we had in recent times were ancient to them, then there’s reason to believe they’re way ahead of our era.

    HGH heights strike me as sort of inconsistent and exaggerated in general, but getting Shantae’s height could be really nice for science. Last night, I tried to find the height of the Giga Mermaid, and had to guesstimate Shantae’s height. I guessed 5’2″ until further notice, as that’s a bit under what seems to be the general average height of a young woman. She’s of course not an adult yet, but she’s clearly near the end of puberty. πŸ˜›



    5’2” sounds about right to me, yes.
    She is tiny after all. πŸ˜›



    Ultragamer42 said:

    Anyways, uh, problem. I just ran the numbers and if your NPC self in this image stands at 6’3β€³, by comparison, Shantae would be a bit under 4 feet tall. Uh, there’s no way an around-16,-maybe-17-by-now young woman like her could be just shy of 4 feet tall.

    Did you account for the fact that Shantae and the NPC are separated in the z-dimension? Even if you just consider it “flattened” you can see that Shantae’s feet are several pixels lower than the NPC’s feet. I guess it probably wouldn’t change the result that much though.



    Not to spoil the fun or anything, but you’ve also got to take into account that they’re basically cartoons and are thus exaggerated for effect, AND they change from game to game depending on the art style, etc.

    Shantae is short though, shorter than Risky and a lot of other characters anyway. You’re better off judging her height based on other characters rather than using real world numbers.

    If you want a standardised object though, Shantae is about… two blocks tall. How big is a block? That’s another question entirely! Maybe as tall as a Super Mario?

    Okay, seriously, if you want to get genuinely nerdy about it, how about taking all the heights of the major female characters (Shantae, Risky, Sky, and Rotty), finding the average, assume that to be the same as the average young woman’s height in the real world, then work out Shantae’s height from there? Throw in Twitch and Vinegar and some of the female NPCs if you want to get REALLY accurate.

    Or just ask Matt Bozon on Twitter!



    shantae size is 5 heads like 4.4 feets



    Taking Rotty’s, Risky’s, Shantae’s and Sky’s heights in pixels from Pirate’s Curse (‘cus it’s easier to count and I’m lazy), averaging them, and then making that 5’5″ gave me around 4’8″ to 4’11”, based on whether or not I stopped counting at the top the hair or where I thought the top of her skull would be. It’s kinda difficult to tell where their height actually is because they all have massive animu hair, and there were many places I could’ve screwed up, so you could do this by yourself and get your own answer.

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