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    I want to design a Shantae Fan Character inspired by the Ice Werewolf enemies from Pirates Curse (and the original GBC game)
    enter image description here

    My idea was to create a sort of female leader for them (a pack Alpha) who would be stronger and smarter than the rest and become a recurring enemy for Shantae much like the Barons (at least initally).
    This was what I’ve got so far:
    enter image description here

    I based the overall body on the Batgals since I like the idea of her hands being larger with claws and powerful legs. Also gave her ragged shorts to wear and fur on her forearms and shins to give her a more beastial look without sacrificing her looks. For her top I tried to go for a sort of fur bikini like the Bone legs spider enemies form Half Genie Hero, but I’m not sure if that is a good way to go or to just give her a ragged top to match her shorts. As for her hair I wanted to maintain the swept back look like thewerewolves but have more volume and length to it, though I did also consider giving her a hairstyle like Wolverine but that might be too silly.

    Haven’t designed a wolf form for her yet since I want to decide her humanoid form first.

    So what do you guys think? Is she great the way she is or does she need more work? I’m open to suggestions/critiques so please share your opinions on what I can do to improve upon her.

    Also I’m considering the name “Frosty Bites” for her, what do you think?

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