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    I was thinking.
    Would any of you two Brianna/Sorsha to be interested to join in my Q&A session?

    It is alright if you don’t want to.
    But I do promise to be gentle. XDDD

    Anyways, it would be awesome to have one of you in my Q&A sessions.
    We can talk beforehand what are alright questions to ask and what are not if that is how you like it.
    I am also fine with “No comment for now.” responses.

    Don’t worry. My following base ain’t too big so you won’t be set in to a spotlight.
    But it would be awesome to have streaming session with one of you so if I could have a questioning session with one of you, it would be awesome. :3

    PS: I do understand if you refuse. It’s alright.
    My bullocks won’t start and non-stop bleeding because of that. 🙂

    I just thought it would be awesome if I could have some time with you and hear your opinions on certain manners.
    Aaaaaand I would be the very first one to have exclusive interview on them. XDDD

    Anyways, No worries. I am alright if you say no. 🙂

    But if you say yes. I’ll be one of the happiest men alive you’ve ever known. 😉



    Hey Basty,

    Brianna is currently out of the office for a little while. I’ll talk to her when she comes back from her leave about this.



    Take your time.

    In meanwhile.
    I shall remind you that if I ask a question that you cannot or don’t want to answer during streaming, it is fine to refuse to answer it so you don’t need to feel pressured.



    It seems we have an ad-spammer.

    EDIT: Sorry, must have klicked post accidentally.



    No problem. Just check your computer for possible viruses.

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