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    Hello Wayforward, my name is Rafael.

    2 years ago, I backed your game: Shantae half-genie hero, with a total of $200 dollars to bring the funding into the backer goal of hero mode. Initially, I had ordered a WII U copy of the game. Now I own both Wii U and Nintendo switch. and I heard of your recent announcement of the Nintendo switch version. I already own the Wii U version and beat the story mode, which was amazing! but now I want to move over to the switch, the reason for this is, I feel that my Wii U is becoming obsolete, Mario kart 8 has a better version on the switch, I already bought the switch version of Breath of the Wild, super smash bros will eventually get a switch port, and now your announcement of the switch port of Shantae half-genie hero.

    As you can see, the value of my Wii U is practically gone.

    I understand that there may be some technical difficulties with getting my copy onto the switch, (I’m completely okay with buying another copy of the game.) what I am worried about is how do I get my backer content on the switch? I understand, from your last backer update, that you had to acquire those backer codes in advance, I’m not sure if there are any for the switch port. But, if it is necessary, I am willing to pay an upgrade fee.

    “Why would you do this?” well, I know you can already do this on the Playstation Vita. but the thought of being able to play my favorite adventure series on the go is really enticing. especially on the switch. so for that reason, I am will to: A.buy a new copy of the game. and. B.pay an upgrade fee to get my backer content on the switch.

    Please take my offer into consideration and I will wait patiently for your response.

    From your loyal fan.



    I’m in the same boat. Switch became my console of choice, especially since I can take it with me and play on breaks at work, but all my backer content is locked to the Wii U version. I hope there’s some kind of solution for us.



    Same here. I mean I’m cool with sticking to the Wii U version but the MOMENT the Switch version was announced I though “Hooboy. What about the backers? This might turn into a bit of a headache.”

    If I can get my backer swag on Switch then I’ll go out and rebuy the game on Switch ASAP. If I can’t then I’ll wait and see if the Switch winds up with a physical release before buying it.

    I mean…I’m GETTING this on Switch too.

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